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Tom Coughlin says he expects the fans to be supportive when his team hosts the Seahawks this Sunday. He seemed to be more edgy than usual this morning during his weekly presser. Some highlights...

On if he plans on taking the Super Bowl "Countdown Clock" down: "I didn't put it up, so I'm not taking it down."

There has been a lot of chatter about the younger players getting more snaps the next few weeks. Coughlin put the brakes on that train of thought.

"We're going to try the play the best we can and win with the roster that we have. If the opportunity is there, then so be it. But that's not going to be the number one thought on our minds.

Our roster is our roster. We've been playing a lot of people. And you do have to look at special teams as well to make sure you know who's out there on special teams so you can ask me questions about the younger players.

Who are the younger players? If you have somebody that you're specifically referring to, I'd be glad to answer that, but that's our number one objective. We have a three game schedule and we want to play as best as we possibly can over the course over these x amount of weeks. People have established themselves in their positions rightfully so, fairly so. The people who are playing have earned the right to play."

On specific players....

On Adrien Robinson: "He was hurt for a long time. He's practiced for a few weeks now. He did a nice job of being a scout squad tight end for Gates a week ago. He's improved. From what I can tell on special teams and if he can continue to improve, perhaps that opportunity will come.

On Brandon Mosley: "Well, he's been the 'XO' tight end and did a nice job with that the other day. Hopefully you noticed that. Again, if the opportunity presents itself, so be it. But...who would you like me to take out...? (James) Brewer is also getting playing time. If you haven't noticed, he hasn't had a whole lot of time and he's getting playing time and he is responding, so I'd like to see Brewer continue to get better, too.

On if he plans on playing Ryan Nassib in the remaining three games: "Not at this point in time. He's done very well as a scout team player. He's taken all these running QB roles and done a great job with it. Played some safety, done a lot of good things. Very good, very sharp kid. Works his tail off, knows what his spot is. He's in that (QB) room with those guys, he's like a sponge. That's what the intent was."

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