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Tom Coughlin believes he has the coaches, the personnel and the strategy to make the Giants winners again. He confirmed that belief today in his Monday media session.

You said you have your faith in the offense and the offensive coaches. Have you sensed this is kind of a difficult year for Kevin Gilbride, given the pieces that he has lost and obviously Eli has struggled? I can imagine it’s hard to find plays that work."It certainly hasn’t been a connect-all-the-dots from day one type of year. Kevin’s a pro, he’s been around, he’s done this a long time. We try to find ways to take advantage of things. It hasn’t been easy."

If all of the pieces are in place, you believe that his offensive scheme, philosophy, play calling, all of that should work?"That’s exactly right."

From this vantage point, it doesn’t look like this offense is even close to being a highly competitive offense. Do you evaluate it differently and see areas where it’s much closer than it appears from the outside?"I certainly see what everyone sees and in greater detail than perhaps you do."

When you say you see things in greater detail in the offense, does it boil down to execution? Is it almost as simple as that, almost as complicated as that?"Probably as complicated as that. Everybody being on the same page, firing at the same time. You have to have all 11 of them on offense."

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