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The Giants have only one draft choice left to sign - third rounder DT Jay Bromley of Syracuse - so not a lot of unfinished business to attend to these days.

Here are some questions sent in that I will attempt to answer for you this morning...

What is the story with Will Hill? Is the league going to suspend him or not?

Good question. There is no word on whether the NFL plans on suspending Hill. He reportedly failed another drug test over the offseason. He has maintained his innocence and the Giants have stated no decisions will be made on Hill's future with the team until the league acts and the subsequent appeal process is completed.

Hill has admitted that he enjoys smoking marijuana and is a user. The league, however, is revisiting their draconian policy towards marijuana use. The main reason being the legalization of pot in two states where they have franchises (Colorado and Washington). Any adjustment to the policy won't help Hill unless his case is grandfathered in.

He is set to earn $570k this season with no guaranteed money attached. He will be a restricted free agent next season should the Giants keep him. He will be an unrestricted free agent if they release him.

Why didn't the Giants make some moves in the NFL Draft? It was so deep, they could have traded back and got more players.

The Giants could have formed a competitive roster out of the players they had without going to the draft table. Not that they would have, but after signing 16 veteran free agents this offseason, there are only a handful of jobs open right now, so a slew of rookies invading their camp was not on the agenda. They decided to hold onto their picks and select top players on their board in the windows in which they selected. It is not known if Jerry Reese was ever presented with an opportunity to move, whether it be to trade up or back.

In short, the Giants were looking for quality over quantity. And not just quality players, but quality people as well. They wanted stand-up guys, locker room and community leaders. Players that can come in and make the jump to the NFL right away.

In Round One, The Giants felt Odell Beckham was the best player available for them. Now that we know Mario Manningham is less than 100%, this choice makes sense. What also makes sense is that Beckham is a high-character kid, which was the team's major theme with this year's rookie crop. They could have taken Pitt's Aaron Donald or Notre Dame's Zack Martin, but they had Beckham rated higher.

What many Giant fans and followers do not understand about the Giants' draft process is that they do not follow the rankings that fans follow. They have their own board and it is based on their own personal recon and research. They also interview and vet each player. It's not all about numbers. If they don't like a kid, they won't take him regardless of what pundits think.

For those who feel the Giants could have drafted better, answer me this: Who's rankings are you using and what first-hand research have you done to make your determination?

Are the Giants done looking for a veteran tight end?

The Giants are never done. Reese always keeps his options open. The Jermichael Finley situation is ongoing, but he still has not gotten medical clearance on his neck. Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy has intimated the Packers would like Finley back if and when he's cleared. Dustin Keller's knee is said to be healed, but it's buyer beware. Keller is just eight months out from a triple ligament tears in his knee. The Patriots have shown interest in Keller, but he left his last vivid there without a contract.

Former Giant Travis Beckum was released by the Seahawks yesterday. The Giants may take a look, but I think they're done with him.

It is more likely the Giants are going to have to solve this in-house. They have five TEs on the roster and will hold an open competition to find the right combination.

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