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The NFL decided to suspend Giants' safety Will Hill for the first six games of the upcoming season. It was Hill's third violation of the NFL Policy and Program for Substances of Abuse since he was signed by the Giants in 2012.

Hill contends that his latest infraction was a result of "second-hand smoke", a laughable defense if there ever was one:

A) How much second-hand smoke does a person have to inhale to produce a positive test? and B) Why is he in an environment where marijuana is being smoked in the first place, when he knows it could cost him his career?

A positive test is a positive test, so regardless of Hill's excuses, he deserves to be punished. No matter of what you think of pot and the nation's loosening attitudes, it is still verboten in most of the US -- and especially in the NFL.

If the NFL bans chewing gum, stay away from candy stores. Hill does not grasp the fact that it's not just the pot part that's got him ensnared in the league's web, it the rulebreaking in general. And once you get a reputation, each situation carries stiffer penalties.

The Giants took a flyer on Hill after no other team would. He should have been a high draft pick out of Florida in 2011, but went undrafted due to his lax effort and attitude and...his dalliances with marijuana.

Hill has told many teammates that he's changed and has been clean in recent months. That may be so, and perhaps the Giants are buying it, too, but I can't see him earning a fourth strike. Not on this team, which is priding itself by bringing quality people into their building these days.

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