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No practice today, and too bad because it's a beautiful morning here in the NYC area. Yesterday, the team was out on the field in shells (or half-shells)- helmets, shoulder pads and shorts.

"It was good," said Tom Coughlin when asked about the "cracking" of the pads and the eagerness of the team. "It’s always good to get started that way, it was real good to see. The majority of the time we were on our feet. There was a few occasions where I didn’t appreciate it, but it was good to see them; they were very enthusiastic about it, you like to think that would be maintained."

The defense is looking more animated this camp, and they'll need to be if the Giants are to make a run. Consistency is the mantra being preached by the coaches this summer and they'll have to do it with a new MLB calling the plays.

Mark Herzlich, the frontrunner for the job, says the defense is starting to turn to him for leadership....

"You can tell people will look to me for a call or a question.  That’s really my thing. If I can answer everyone’s question about what they’re supposed to be doing each play, then I know that I know the defense well and I know that everybody is going to have confidence when they line up."

CB Aaron Ross, who is back after spending a year with Jacksonville, was asked how this year's defense compared to the one that won Super Bowl XLVI two years ago.

"We’re loaded," said Ross. "It seems like anybody that you put in, from the defensive tackles to the defensive ends. (Adrian) Tracy is coming along and more of the young guys too. Guys like Tuck are already proven, but when you see the young guys come in and it seems like it’s not just a drop-off on us, that’s something to look forward to. We can go in there and they can know that if they take a play or two off, it’s not a huge drop in the performance."

GEICO SportsNite has coverage of CB Corey Webster and the defense, both which are trying to put a porous 2012 behind them...

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