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The Giants pride themselves on making sure that character plays a huge role in how thet select players to wear the uniform. But given the lack of impact players that Jerry Reese had selected in the last few seasons and the team coming of a 7-9 campaign, will that change?

John Mara on Reese's performance on draft day:

“We obviously overvalued certain people ... made some calculated risks ... we have not gotten the production that we wanted out of certain draft slots.”
Every draft had it's share of players with character question marks, and like every other team, the Giants have to weight talent and past behavior carefully.

Besides, says Ralph Vacchiano in the NY Daily News, the Giants have selected more than there share of troubled players.

"For an organization with a reputation for conservative values and 'clean' players, the Giants are just like everyone else in professional sports. Their risk tolerance is high when they believe a player can help them," Vacchiano said.

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