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The running back position in the NFL has undergone major changes in recent years. Most NFL teams don't ask just one player to carry the mail for them any longer. Rushing attacks have become a collaborative effort of situational players who possess different styles. The position has also been devalued at the NFL Draft, where no running backs selected in the first round for the first time in league history this past April.

The Giants understand the need for a stable of rushers. They recently won a championship deploying a three-pronged approach called "Earth, Wind and Fire." All of those players are gone, now, and the the team is turning to two uniquely talented young men - David Wilson and Andre Brown.

Wilson is a scatback that take a handoff to the house at any time. Brown is bigger, bruising type that can make positive yards in tight spaces. The Giants' current depth chart shows both players as the team's No.1 back. Neither player seems concerned about their placement. They both know they going to see plenty of action.

"We’re both going to contribute. The depth chart is a political thing, something that they have to put out there so the fans and other teams will know. You know, like I said, it’s mostly for the media," Wilson told reporters Sunday before practice. "Regardless of who’s in there, we’ve just got to all prepare, mentally and physically in camp. Going into those games and showing the coaches what we can do and what we’ve learned and how we’ve grown over the year. Then roles will be put in place more, I say permanent but not permanent, but more based on the offense as far as what we know we’ve got to do."

Brown is focused more on conditioning, an aspect being stressed by RB coach Jerald Ingram, who told Brown and Wilson to get prepared for a 16-game marathon. Brown has never played a full season and Wilson was used sparing as a rookie last year.

"He (Ingram) said that we were going to get a lot of carries, it’s a lot different. We have to increase our conditioning and make sure that we’re ready to go into the fifteen, twenty play drives where he doesn’t want to see us tapping out … and ready to come out. If the guy’s hot, he wants that. It’s going to keep the offense moving. Just making sure that we’re in shape and being able to carry the load," said Browm the other day.

GEICO SportsNite covers Giants' training camp as Andre Brown and David Wilson compete for the role of starting running back.

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