In a series of posts analyzing each set of positions, I will offer my midseason report cards for the New York Giants' offense.

Please feel free to offer your reasoning and an alternative grade if necessary in the comments section.

My fellow SNYGiants contributor, Tom Uddo, will follow up tomorrow with his defensive midseason report card, and we'll both have our special teams grades posted on Friday.

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How would you grade Pete DeBoer's performance so far this season?

Being that the Devils are at the half-way point of the season (OK, a couple games past it but cut us some slack), we decided to do some ?grades? for this team. Originally, this was supposed to be one full post, but after compiling them, it seems better to break them up into different pieces today. Earlier, we gave you our grades for the forwards,? the defensemen, and then the goalies. Finally, we end with the coaches.

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Has the Devils' goaltending duo been a boost or a weight around their neck? Hmm.

Being that the Devils are at the half-way point of the season (OK, a couple games past it but cut us some slack), we decided to do some ?grades? for this team. Originally, this was supposed to be one full post, but after compiling them, it seems better to break them up into different pieces today. Earlier, we gave you our grades for the forwards and the defensemen. Now, we get to the goalies.

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Bryce Salvador is wearing the captain's "C" this year, but his play certainly hasn't been up to that level.

Being that the Devils are at the half-way point of the season (OK, a couple games past it but cut us some slack), we decided to do some ?grades? for this team. Originally, this was supposed to be one full post, but after compiling them, it seems better to break them up into different pieces today. Earlier, we gave you our grades for the forwards. Next up, the defensemen.

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Ilya Kovalchuk is clearly the high point of the Devils' forwards, but even his game hasn't been all the way up to snuff through the first half of the season.

Being that the Devils are at the half-way point of the season (OK, a couple games past it but cut us some slack), we decided to do some "grades" for this team. Originally, this was supposed to be one full post, but after compiling them, it seems better to break them up into different pieces today. First up, the forwards.

(Disclaimer: All "grades" articles are usually entirely too general and tend to omit more detail than normal, so apologies in advance if we left a player out.)

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St. Louis Rams - They traded back twice in this first round. They collected a ransom from the Redskins a month ago for the right to draft RGIII and followed it up by trading the sixth pick for an additional second round pick. They now have 7 combined picks in the first two rounds of this draft and the next. They will theoretically add 7 starters in those two years and already have a franchise QB.

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Khaled Elsayed of Pro Football Talk released his "All-Postseason Team," and six Giants players made the cut.?Elsayed and PFF do a great job, and I recommend reading the article and checking out his playoff grades for each player here. Hard to argue with any of his choices (he even gives a well-deserved honorable mention to Henry Hynoski).

Eli Manning:?

The Super Bowl MVP was arguably the best player in the league once the regular season ended. Completing 65% of his passes, Manning threw the one interception compared to nine touchdowns and was immense under?pressure. People laughed when Eli said he saw himself in the same bracket as the top QBs in the league, and now they can only humbly admit they were wrong. You can?t spell elite without Eli.
Hakeem Nicks:
Nicks had 148 more receiving yards than any other receiver in the postseason to go with his league-leading four touchdowns. He was an obvious choice as he got hot at the right time.
Justin Tuck:
It was tough to leave out Jason Pierre-Paul who was phenomenal throughout, but it was the consistent work of Justin Tuck rushing the passer that really caught our eye from the Giants? defensive end rotation.
Linval Joseph:
What is it about Giants defensive linemen stepping up during a Super Bowl run? Joseph was inconsistent at best during the regular season, but caused all sorts of pressure rushing the passer, and made some key plays in the run game.
Chase Blackburn:
The Giants? Blackburn was far from perfect, but made some critical plays at key moments that can?t be overlooked.
Steve Weatherford:
Was super in the Super Bowl and throughout the playoffs, earning the highest postseason grade we?ve ever given out for a punter.
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Off to Snyderville, MD to examine the Redskins? draft.? It was a ridiculous season that included Mike Shannahan returning to football, a historic Monday night beat-down from Michael Vick and Donovan McNabb being benched for ? wait for it ? Rex Grossman.? There were some bright spots, such as beating the two teams that played for the NFC Championship (Bears and Packers) and finishing above the Cowboys, but it was another tough season in the nation?s capital.

The Skins could have gone a number of ways.? They could have taken a running back or an offensive lineman to boost the third worst running game in the league.? They could have taken a receiver to help rejuvenate an aging and below-average group of pass-catchers.? Most of all, they could have taken pass rushers or secondary help to aid the second worst pass defense in the NFL.? They did all of these things.

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Next on our tour of the NFC East is the Cowboys 2011 draft.? While it would have been more economical to continue down 1-95 from New York to Philadelphia to Washington DC and visit the Redskins next, we will instead take a plane to Dallas.? It?s all being written off and paid for by SNY anyway.

Being that this is Jason Garret?s first draft, this was an opportunity for him to put his stamp on the team.? He did so, taking an offensive lineman in the first round; the first time the Cowboys have done so in roughly three centuries.

The Cowboys had the ninth overall pick, which they used on USC offensive tackle Tyron Smith.? Smith was the right pick for the Cowboys, even if it wasn?t a great value pick.? In a perfect world, they would have traded down and let Smith or Anthony Castonzo fall to them, but taking Smith ninth is the next best thing.? He was the most talented tackle in the draft, and he could anchor their offensive line for the next ten years.

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Join me on a journey around the NFC East, won't you? ?Today, we visit the Philadelphia Eagles' 2011 draft.

The Giants? most bitter rivals had possibly the most interesting draft of them all.? I?m not sure if that?s a good or bad thing, but I know that a lot of football fans were confused with some of the picks the Eagles made.

To start off, they took Danny Watkins with their first pick when cornerback Jimmy Smith was still available.? Watkins is a great story, a 26 year old former Canadian firefighter who went back to school and made himself into a first round draft pick.

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Jared Jeffries: C-

Jeffries did not have the impact after the trade that I would have thought, but he also wasn't getting the reps during the year so it took him a little while to get his lateral movement back. Come playoff time Jeffries was actually a pleasant surprise in games 2 and 3, despite the Knicks barely showing up for the first game in MSG in a long time.

The game 2 performance was Jeffries' best as a Knick and if it weren't for that last play where he failed to complete a pass to Bill Walker, he would have been credited with a tremendous game even by his biggest detractors.

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Landry Fields: C+

Hard to imagine that a player who was a Rookie of the Year Candidate for 3/4 of the season can only get a C+ but Fields was nothing short of overmatched over the final stretch of 2011 and the post season. To me, Fields is a good option who can create space on the floor because of his ability to stretch and catch/shoot. But in a crowded half court system, he can create. He has a very low and slow release that is easy to close out on. He's not a great off the dribble pull up player, although he can most certainly learn to create space in that area in my opinion. He needs to learn to consistently knock down jump shots and use that to set up shot fake two dribble pull ups. That's how he can make a living with Melo. He also has to continue to focus on tips and rebounds on defense that can lead to transition opportunities where he can use his speed and athleticism to get to the rim if the point guard can get out on the break. And let's be real, he was FAR more explosive early in the year than the last 2 months. He needs to come back with the swagger after working on leg strength. A fantastic young man who has the New York vibe, Fields can succeed here and he's great value being a second round long shot.

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Toney Douglas: B-

There may be no bigger fan of Douglas than me, but truth be told I was very disappointed in his playoff performance. Look, I always said I consider TD a very solid 3rd guard on a strong playoff team and an excellent 4th guard on a championship team. But let's be real he's a great value at his salary. He can shoot, play SOME point and guard multiple positions. I think D'Antoni lets him take too many defensive possessions off on the ball, especially when you consider the amount of ground he covered to close out on Ray Allen before he was tripped by KG in Game 1.

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Anthony Carter: C+

You love what Carter brings and what he is. He made a long sustaining NBA career out of very little athleticism and oodles of savvy. He was a veteran in his rookie season. That said, what is Carter's role on this team moving forward? He made just 1.3 million dollars this year and can be signed for a similar amount next season, but if the Knicks decide to keep Chauncey Billups and Toney Douglas, do they invest money in Carter's veteran presence (and legs) at the expense of possibly drafting at the PG position? Hard to say. You need veterans in the playoffs, but you also need talent. Carter may be a great locker room guy who can play at a slow pace and control the offense, but is he producing enough per minute? Can he play an entire 82 game season plus? All questions the Knicks have to answer.

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Derrick Brown: INC

Those of you who follow the site know my feelings on Derrick Brown. He's very athletic and seems to have a pretty strong defensive acumen. Players out of Xavier always seem to and yes I apologize for the generalization.

Brown doesn't have a particular position and I think, ideally, the Knicks would like to see him develop more range on his jump shot so they can sneak him some minutes at the 4 position in this system. But I think he can really be a solid, two-way transition forward for the Knicks and a player that, at a good salary rate (aka NBA dollar cost average) he can provide some value and be developed into a rotation player or a trade asset.

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As part of doing the end of the season grades, I'm including a poll that asks "do you think player X" is part of the solution, meaning should he be on the roster next season. I'll be going through the roster over the next week or so giving my thoughts on the individual's performance because I think each player deserves their own post.

Renaldo Balkman- INC

We didn't get the chance to see much of Balkman in his second stint with the Knicks, but what I noticed is a player who has benefited from International play as he was a member of team Puerto Rico in the World's Championships.? We remember Balkman as a hustle player and some of that ability and skill has been lost with age and lack of use. His motor certainly has shifted from 6 cylinders to 4 in my opinion. He's a "defensive specialist" but he's not someone who's a great individual defender. He's not a supreme athlete or rebounder for his size. And, of course, he's limited offensively. To me, the biggest issue with Balkman is his salary, as he's due over 3.2 million dollars over the next two seasons. A steep price tag for a player who doesn't suit up.

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