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With no end to the lockout in sight, NFL players around the league got into trouble this weekend.

  • Friday - DeSean Jackson of the Eagles uses a number of gay slurs on a Sirius XM radio show. He has since apologized
  • Saturday - Steeler Hines Ward is arrested and charged with a DUI in Georgia in the wee hours of the morning
  • Sunday - Another arrest, this time of Bengal Pacman Jones at a bar in Cincinnati for being intoxicated and disruptive
NFL players are probably getting incredibly anxious as we enter the last month before the season would be starting. I wouldn't be surprised if we continue to see more outbursts of bad behavior if this lack of progress in talks continues. I hope we don't see any of this kind of thing from the Jets.
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America has been spoiled. The past three Super Bowls have each provided an enthralling football contest. The games were not decided until the final minutes (or in two cases the final minute), they were classic bouts worthy of permanent enshrinement in the archives of football history.

Because of this trio, it may be easy to forget that all too often; the best post-season action is served up during the Conference Championship round. 1998, for example, saw the Broncos edge out a valiant Jets effort as the Falcons upset the favored Vikings in a thriller. The Super Bowl that these two games spawned was far from memorable.

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