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Counting down Jerry Reese's eleven best draft picks/ undrafted free agents
Henry Hynoski: Undrafted, 2011

It took all of my strength to quiet the voice inside my head that said I couldn?t rank a fullback this high.?Don't tell me what to do, brain! Instead, I went with my gut and doled out this top-five ranking to a player who was quietly a key piece in the Giants? championship offense.? I?ll admit that this ranking is extremely aggressive, but it?s based on the fact that I strongly believe Hynoski will be a huge factor in turning the Giants? running game around and allowing the Giants? offense to become the football equivalent of a well balanced breakfast. ?Anyway, what fun is a top ten (or eleven) list without any controversy?

Many draft experts considered Hynoski to be the best fullback in the draft, and no one would have batted an eye if he were a taken in the fourth round.? Seven teams drafted fullbacks, yet for whatever reason, Hynoski was passed over by every one of them. ?We here at Giants Football Blog agreed that Hynoski would be a perfect fit for the Giants, and Jerry Reese was happy to scoop him up as an undrafted free agent. ?Whether Reese was able to read the market on fullbacks, or if he just lucked into this steal is impossible to determine.? Either way, the Giants found a young cornerstone for their running game.

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