• Alex Aronson is a New York-based comedian. Born and raised on Long Island, he was a Mets fan long before he became a stand-up comedian. Alex credits the highs and lows of being a die-hard Mets fan with having an influence on his comedic material and style. When he's not helping young singles find love at a Mets game, he can be seen on stage at comedy clubs and festivals all over New York.
  • Three words to describe personality: Funny, kind, handsome
  • Celebrity crush: Keith Hernandez
  • Biggest deal breaker in a relationship: Wants the DH in the National League
  • Describe the perfect partner: Puts ketchup and mustard on their hot dog
  • Why should someone date you: "Look at that smile" - Alex's Mom
  • I broke up with my last ex because: She didn't know who Keith Hernandez was