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  • Age 28, Music Producer
  • Making music by combining an electronic/R&B sound
  • Works at a finance company doing facility "stuff" during the day
  • Looking for someone who is spontaneous and is eager to go around the city
  • Worst date ever: A girl's hair caught on fire while I was on a date once. I think the fact that I found it funny made it worse. What? I put the fire out!
  • From Los Angeles but moved to New York two years ago


  • From Beijing, China
  • Goes to college in Boston, a Red Sox fan
  • Looking for girls who like outdoor adventures and intelligence would be a plus


  • Age 25, Event Presentation
  • Born and raised in New Jersey
  • Very good at holding fun and long conversations
  • Believes his eyebrows will win him a date with Kim
  • My last ex broke up with me because: Needed to travel and get their life together


  • Nickname: The Ghost
  • Party promoter in Atlantic City, NYC, Vegas and Miami
  • Looking for a girl that is confident


  • Age 32, Sound operation
  • Celebrity crush: Gal Gadot
  • Describes himself as: Intense, passionate, amazeballs
  • Perfect New York date spot: Central Park
  • Wants a girl who has a sense of adventure and travel


  • From New Jersey and works in Finance
  • Serious but has a fun side
  • Likes a girl that is hard working and ambitious but also cares about their social life
  • Loves animals and petting random dogs on the street, is not embarrassed


  • Age 23, Comedian
  • From upstate New York and lives in Brooklyn
  • Likes someone who is on time, a decisive person, clean
  • Does not like someone who cannot chill out and relax or someone who is to into themselves
  • Describe the perfect partner: Someone who loves Neil Young and is from the mountains of North Carolina and who loves falafel
  • Has a very large sneaker collection


  • 26 years old and from Brooklyn but lives near Hoboken
  • Works for a non-profit but also is a part-time stand-up comedian
  • Looking for a girl who has a sense of humour and isn't willing to embarrass themselves
  • Perfect New York date spot: Rooftop bar


  • Age 30, Product Manager
  • From Amish Country, Pennsylvania
  • Ran a tech company in Mumbai
  • Works with a technology team that focuses on making student loans cheaper
  • I broke up with my last ex because: She kept a 6 foot tall stuffed teddy bear in her bed
  • Wants to meet someone who wants to go to concerts and is adventurous in trying new food in New York


  • From Los Angeles and currently working in New York as a tour guide
  • Known as very sweet and innocent
  • Has not been in that many long term relationships


  • From Philadelphia, PA
  • An entertainment attorney in specifically music and film
  • Works on acrylic paintings


  • Age 28, Computer Engineer
  • From Patterson, New Jersey
  • Is looking for the women of his dreams
  • His last girlfriend stole his cat and keyed his car
  • Celebrity Crush: Miley Cyrus
  • My last ex broke up with me because: She was a psychopath
  • I broke up with my last ex because: She was insane
  • Wants to meet a women who is beautiful and "uncrazy"


  • Age 24, Marketing strategist for a software company
  • From New Orleans originally and moved to New York area for college and has been in New York ever since
  • Going to law school next year
  • Wants someone who is adventurous, smart and funny
  • Worst date ever: Junior prom, his date made out with someone else


  • Age 27, Actor/Model
  • Born in New Jersey but grew up in Connecticut
  • Lives in Harlem currently
  • Typically dates brunettes that are social that have lots of energy
  • Does not like materialistic girls
  • Biggest deal breaker in a relationship: Veganism
  • Perfect New York date spot: A concert at Bowery Ballroom with a slice at Prince St. Pizza before and/or after
  • Plays soccer, bikes and plays guitar in his free time


  • Paints writes and does film "stuff"
  • Works at a bar on the weekend
  • Doesn't like someone who is totally negative


  • 24 years old from New Jersey
  • Works for NBA in their production department (does social media)
  • Puerto Rican/Cuban and Black
  • Likes his motorcycle and his job
  • Three words to describe your personality: Funny, Hot, and sarcastic


  • From Long Island, NY and is a personal trainer
  • Like a girl who is fun and eccentric (party girl)
  • Wants someone who is willing to bring him out of his shell


  • Looking for someone who is family oriented and has a good head on their shoulders
  • Someone who is motivated or driven, more fun than quiet
  • He is outspoken or the icebreaker


  • Born and raised in the Bronx
  • Independent film maker and screenwriter
  • Likes to go out and "be goofy"


  • Bartender, Personal Training
  • in ManhattanSpent four-years in the Navy
  • Looking for someone interested in traveling, working out


  • 31-years old, born and raised in Brooklyn
  • Works in a restaurant
  • "True Mets fan"


  • 31-years old, born and raised in Brooklyn
  • Works in a restaurant
  • "True Mets fan"


  • Three words to describe yourself: "Outgoing, funny, gentleman"
  • Celebrity crush: Emmanuelle Chriqui
  • Perfect NY date spot: Cooking class at Sur La Table or picnic on the beach
  • From Long Island
  • Just bought a house on Long Island
  • Works in Manhattan
  • Family oriented, looking for someone who wants to travel


  • From New Jersey
  • Lives on UWS and works in Financial District
  • Single for "some time"
  • Positive, goofy person that likes to laugh a lot

Charlie, Nick and Steven

  • Charlie: From Utica, NY, works at Baseball Hall of Fame, feels like his performance is going to be "legend....wait for it...dary"
  • Nick: From Astoria, Accountant
  • Steve: From North Jersey, lives in West Village, works in venture capitol.


  • From Montreal
  • Former cheerleader
  • Has worked with Cirque Du Soleil
  • Failed clown school
  • Enjoys discovering people
  • Very competitive, very jealous


  • From Cincinnati
  • Works in media, production
  • Podcaster
  • Charismatic, approachable, person


  • From New Jersey
  • In the "tech startup world"
  • Lives in the Lower East Side
  • Considered to be a "talker"
  • Has been told he resembles Prince Harry


  • From the UK
  • Energy, excitement, entertainment
  • Confident in his ability to achieve his goals
  • Great looking, great personalty, good smile


  • From Cincinnati
  • Works in media, production
  • Podcaster
  • Charismatic, approachable, person


  • From Upstate New York
  • Works in finance
  • Big Mets Fan
  • Likes to snowboard, play softball, hang at the bar
  • Yankee fans are a deal killer