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  • Age 25, Digital Magazine Editor
  • Believes she is very judgemental for first impressions
  • Dislikes being called a hipster
  • Biggest deal breaker in a relationship: Trump supporter. Instant bye.
  • Three words to describe your personality: Salty Soft Pretzel (thanks Buzzfeed)
  • Celebrity Crush: Harry Styles forever


  • Age 24, Professional dancer for the New York Jets and Norwegian Cruise lines
  • She is looking for someone to match her energy and be as silly as her
  • Likes guys that are humble and do little things like saying thank you and opening the door for her
  • Likes to go to the club when having a stressful day
  • Last ex broke up with me because: My last ex broke up with me because he had a girlfriend of 5 years and I did not know.


  • Age 26, works as a connections planner
  • From New York originally but grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Moved back to New York and went to the college of William & Mary
  • Prefers hanging out with friends or reading over dating apps because they take too much time and effort
  • Known as the "bro-y" type in her friend group
  • Worst date ever: His mom dropped him off...he was 28


  • Age 23, Actor
  • Her "type" is tall, tan skin, brown-haired guys
  • Is a vegan, actor, and writer
  • She doesn't like when guys talk over her because she feels it shows they do not care
  • Doesn't really go on first dates
  • Why should someone date you: "I'm fun, outgoing, nice, open-minded, artistic, caring, loving, and a yes-er. Oh, and my mom told me to write that I'm beautiful. I don't agree.


  • From Miami
  • She is a personal trainer
  • A typical date would be a good workout
  • A pet peeve is someone who blows their nose at the dinner table


  • Age: 28, Fashion Publicist
  • She lives at home but her parents pay for everything
  • Wants a guy who is accepting of her posting whatever she wants on social media
  • Would never date a guy who is an aspiring actor or Instagram model
  • Wants a tall guy, "I want to be in 5-inch stripper heals and he is still towering over me"
  • She won't get her heart broken she is a heart breaker
  • Biggest deal breaker in a relationship: Zodiac sign can't be a cancer
  • I broke up with my last ex because: I was over the relationship. He was dulling my sparkle


  • Producer, sometimes a model and sometimes a writer.
  • Looking for someone with a good sense of humor.
  • Thinks going out to dinner is the "lamest first date ever."


  • Three words to describe yourself: "Smart, sassy, sarcastic"
  • Celebrity crush: Miles Teller
  • Worst date: Went to a movie before 11AM because it was half price.
  • Perfect NY date spot: Eating our way through Smorgasburg
  • Writer, Lives in New York
  • Usually goes for Frat Guys


  • In Mean Girls on Broadway
  • "Dating in New York is the worst thing ever"
  • Doesn't care about baseball at all
  • Wears Yankee hats because they are "cute"


  • From Arkansas
  • Graphic Designer
  • Three words to describe yourself: "Playful, driven, kind"
  • Celebrity crush: Ryan Gosling
  • Worst date: Hiked with someone in silence for two hours
  • Perfect NY date spot: Movies in the park or basically anywhere in December


  • Creative Director at a media company in NY and freelance writer
  • From Maine
  • Hasn't been in a "super serious" relationship in three-years