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According to sources, Dolan isn?t ready to name Thomas to a formal Knicks position. The Post reported last summer the Knicks owner still maintains a friendship with Thomas but was disappointed his compadre spoke publicly about wanting Donnie Walsh?s position and believed he was secretly lobbying with select media members.

That?s not Dolan?s style. Dolan?s lieutenants, including Garden head honcho Hank Ratner and Garden president Scott O?Neill, have convinced Dolan hiring Thomas in an official capacity isn?t good business...During the press conference following the acquisition of Carmelo Anthony, Dolan went well out of his way to say Thomas wasn?t involved in trade negotiations. Dolan was irritated Thomas gave an impression he had influence on the deal during a Miami radio interview. Dolan had never been afraid to toot Thomas? horn publicly, so it was clear something was up between them.I don't mind the idea of Isiah as a consultant but there's no way that he can return to the front office. Not with the possibility of a coaching vacancy this off season.

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Gregg Braden wrote a book in 2000 called "The Isaiah Effect" which centered around the idealisms of the prophet Isiah, who many learned about from the Old Testament. Braden notes

Beyond the specifics of precise events, a generalized view of ancient predictions reveals threads of a common theme. In each glimpse into our future, the prophecies follow a clear pattern: descriptions of catastrophe are immediately followed by a vision of life, joy, and possibility.
Interesting, no? The Isiah Thomas Effect is one of a self-believed basketball prophet who led the Knicks franchise through great catastrophe.

To be honest, I've been avoiding the sensationalism. I ignored the idea when I heard he's be on the radio today in what was sure to be a stunt to try to get more listeners.

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Newsday's Alan Hahn does another great job of updating us on whats happening in Orlando and the pre-draft camp. Two interesting tidbits in today's "Knicks Fix". The first is a conversation with Patrick Ewing about not being offered a job with the Knicks and how special it would be to see his son wear orange and blue. Alan also outlines two potential Zach Randolph trades that fell through in the eleventh hour due to to the greed of Isiah Thomas.

I understand why people would be sentimental about Ewing coming back to coach with the Knicks, but honestly do we really know how good a coach he is? I have heard he has done wonders with Yao Ming and Dwight Howard, but don't you think that might have something to do with the fact they are very talented? Ewing was more of a finesse center and those two have completely different games. This team is desperate for top of the line coaching and I just don't know if Ewing fits that description. As for the Isiah story, all I could say is: good riddance to bad rubbish.

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