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Attention all readers: Adhere to the Comment Guidelines. Comment only on the story written. Read the story if you want to comment. Start your own topic, your future comments go to moderation. No more than 3 per thread. Allow everyone to have their own opinion. Let everyone have their say on the first pick without talking down to them. Stop going after each other and declaring who's a good fan or a bad fan. Do not make the blog your blog. Start your own. There can never be enough good Islanders blogs. Do not make the blog your message board. There are plenty of good Islanders ones out there. If you are going to quote me saying or writing something, please do it accurately. Everything is archived on the site, even my interview with Mike Francesa about Tavares and the Lighthouse. If you post under a fake email, I can't communicate with you. Your call. It's perfectly okay if you don't like the guidelines. No one will be offended if you go somewhere else. Check out Comment sections of other blogs if you want to know why I have guidelines. Thank you, as always, for checking out the site every day...CB
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