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Dear Readers: Just trying to have a little fun here with Greg after an exhausting and confusing Saturday. I see Greg just about every day and he is a friend. If I really had a problem with him, we would talk it out man-to-man. The purpose of my failed attempt at a light-hearted trade proposal was to remind everyone that Newsday derives tremendous revenue from the NYI...CB


4:55 pm, The Home Office in RVC - So Greg Logan goes out of his way to refer to Point Blank as a "team-sponsored blog" in a new item on his Newsday blog confirming my report that Rick DiPietro is out of tomorrow's game.


With the carefully-worded jab, there's no question Greg tried to undermine my objectivity, credibility and desire to work hard and get the story right while he was posting at 2:40 in the morning his theory that DiPietro was not injured.


The Islanders and I were up-front right from the beginning about what Point Blank was. The Islanders are a primary sponsor. This blog is independently-owned by me and all of the opinions and scoops - for better or worse, right or wrong - are mine. I've already done plenty to tick off about just about everyone I used to work with.


Anyone notice how I link Greg's stories all the time and have a link to his blog on my site, yet until today he and his site had never publicly recognized that Point Blank exists?


So here's my offer: if Greg would like to trade the dollars the Islanders spend on advertising in Newsday and on in return for the support the franchise provides this blog, that's a deal I'd do in a heartbeat.


And you'd probably read about the trade first on Point Blank.

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