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(UPDATED, 2/8/10)


Islanders Point Blank is a blog that hopefully generates passionate discussion in the Comments space. Our hope is to make sure the Comments area does not turn into a message board, or a place where a few readers believe it is their personal space to dominate and write blogs of their own.


1. Contribute something to the discussion at hand ONLY, not the discussion you want to start. If you'd like to start your own topic, please join one of the many outstanding message boards, including Islandermania.


2. Comments should be no longer than 100 words. Writing a post without anything resembling grammar or correct spelling sucks for you, the readers and the blog, so please make an effort.


3. Commenters are not allowed to dominate the space. No more than 3 Comments per story.


4. Get your facts straight. Write something as fact that's not, the entire post will be deleted.  Make up a statement about how I wrote something, when I did not, it will be gone.


5. Saying to fellow readers "Are you dumb"? and "You're a moron" is prohibited. Show some respect. Declaring who's a real Islander or not on an Islanders blog doesn't make a whole lot of sense.


6. No profanity, no loopholes around profanity by putting in --- and, even more offensive, no ALL CAPS.


7. If you would like discuss something found on Katie Strang's Newsday blog, or compliment her for a story or scoop, please do so on Katie Strang's Newsday blog. Katie deserves your audience and participation. Same for all the other Islanders blogs out there.


8. If you have a story or video clip you'd like me to see or consider for linking on the site, please email it to me. I link to hockey blogs often in my stories. Please do not use the Comments space to sell, trade or even give away tickets or anything else.


I thank you for your understanding, consideration and participation on the site...CB

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