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Today in the countdown we hit #32, which has two assistant captains attached to it. The first is Steve Thomas who, like the a few of the recent players featured, was part of the 1993 playoff team. He was originally acquired by Bill Torrey in 1991 for Brad Lauer and Adam Creighton, who didn't amount to much after leaving the Island, and Dynasty Piece Brent Sutter. That trade happened on the same day Pat LaFontaine was shipped out (retro article from the NY Times here) as Torrey re-made the team. Thomas was a fan favorite back in the day, and scored a career high 87 points in 1992-93. He stayed hot throughout the playoff run as well, with 17 points and 9 goals in 18 games. The following year, Thomas followed that up with a career high of 42 goals while the Islanders were in the midst of another overhaul as all the other stars of the team were being shipped out of town, this time under GM Don Maloney. Thomas would be traded straight up to the Devils for Claude Lemieux at the start of the following season, in October 1995. The other #32 that deserves recognition is Brendan Witt, who played four years for the team starting in 2006-07. Witt was signed as a free agent and was a solid, physical defenseman on some bad Islander teams. His style of play didn't exactly fit the system Scott Gordon was coaching at the time, but he had some effective years on the Islander blueline and was always a passionate and hard-nosed player. The team bought out the remained of Witt's contract in the summer of 2010. You can still catch him on Twitter, where he tells it like it is. 32Bruce Affleck (1984)Roger Kortko (1985)Dale Henry (1985)Brad Dalgarno (1986)Neal Coulter (1986)Brad Lauer (1987-1991)Steve Thomas (1992-1995)Richard Kromm (1992)Niklas Andersson (1996-1997)Grigori Panteleev (1996)Trevor Linden (1998-1999)Petr Mika (2000)Jorgen Jonsson (2000)Aris Brimanis (2001)Alan Letang (2003)Brendan Witt (2007-2010)
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