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In 2009, ESPN debuted its 30 for 30 sports documentary series which on the whole was an entertaining bit of television. Following that, ESPN plans to release more documentaries in the same style over the coming year(s?).

As we discussed a few months ago, Legendary Fraud John Spano is going to be a subject for one of the films. We got an email note from ESPN asking for fan submissions, which is passed on below. From the looks of it, it seems like the film may expand a bit and focus more on the Islanders as a whole as they're looking for historical footage, not just from the Spano era. Or maybe they just need some B roll.

Islanders Fans!

ESPN Films is making a 30 For 30 documentary about the New York Islanders, and the producers would like to invite the community of Isles fans to take part.

Part of the film is about the fans themselves, and their long tradition of loyalty, so if you have photos, videos, Super-8 movies, or anything else in your attics, your desk drawers, or your trophy shelves that match the following materials, we'd like to talk to you about looking them over and possibly including them in the film:

- photographs of the Coliseum exterior in its earliest years, 1970s or 1980s.

- from roughly 1978-1985: photos or video of trips to games at Nassau Coliseum, especially fun, exciting pictures of yourself, players, or other fans. Snapshots of, or with, Dynasty greats like Nystrom, Gillies, Bossy, Trottier, Billy Smith, Potvin... also photos or videos of Victory parades from the four Stanley Cup years.

- photos of John Pickett also great.

- from roughly 1990-1996: photos of the Coliseum during games. Protests against the "fishsticks" logo. Protests against team administration by such groups as STIC. Any photos with Mike Milbury.

- from 1996-1997: photos or video regarding the Spano purchase era: pictures of October 31 halloween home game, any photographs or video of Mr. Spano.

If you have materials like these, and think you might be willing to share them with us - drop us a note! We're at

And thanks!

The Producers

Five Hole Productions

ESPN 30 For 30

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