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9:30 am - Those vintage, royal blue Third Jerseys the Islanders are debuting on Saturday? They soon could come First.


Point Blank has learned that the Islanders are looking into the possibility of their old-new classic-style sweaters being their primary uniform of choice in 2009-10, or at latest the season after that.


Speculation leads to two reasons for the decision: the Islanders want to continue to re-connect with their fan base - which has almost unanimously rejoiced over the Third Jersey design. In addition, it simply looks far sharper than the team's current Reebok uniform system.


The Islanders are holding a sale on the Third Jerseys from noon - 4 pm on Saturday at the Coliseum. Anyone buying the jersey at the sale receives a voucher for two complimentary tickets for when Monday's game against Columbus.


More than that, you may be the owner of the Islanders' primary jersey of the near future.


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