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UNIONDALE, N.Y. -- Islander Head Coach Jack Capuano was as diplomatic as he possibly could be following Friday afternoon's 5-0 loss to the Detroit Red Wings.The Islanders are on a five game losing streak and fans have become more and more impatient with the progress of the team. Friday that came to a head as the Isles had one of their toughest losses of the five game skid, 5-0 to Detroit, which prompted loud boos and, at times, chants of "Fire Cappy."Whenever a team goes through a rough patch the head coach is an easy target to direct blame to and it is something Capuano seems to understand."I'm 47 years old I've been in this business a long time," Capuano said during his post game press conference. "Players win, coaches lose. You gotta have belief in the players that you coach and I think our coaching staff does... At the end of the day the players play the game, but I understand as coaches you're responsible."Despite the displeasure from the fans, inside the Isles locker room it seems Capuano still has their support. During an interview with Newsday on Thursday, John Tavares gave Capuano a vote of confidence and took responsibility for the current predicament the Islanders find themselves in."We've got all the faith in the world in the people in this organization," Tavares told Newsday on Thursday. "We're the ones stepping on the ice. We're the ones not getting the job done. We proved last year what we're capable of. This is not last year, but this is about the guys in this room."And following Friday night's loss, they were again taking responsibility."We keep saying we gotta do this, we gotta do that. Enough is enough, we gotta go out their and find a way [to win]," Matt Martin said. "It doesn't matter if we get outshot 40 to 20. Find a way to win a game. Do what ever it takes."Another loss like the one they had on Friday could make things tougher on Capuano, but for now he didn't seem to take exception to the fans chants during the game."What am I going to do," Capuano responded when asked about the chants. "... I've been in this business a long time and I understand that, but at the end of the day we're working hard as a staff to prepare our team and win hockey games."
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