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Garth Snow was on the FAN590 in Toronto to discuss the trade deadline and the trade of Thomas Vanek. Regarding the trade action yesterday, he said "it was really quiet in the morning, and the,n probably just past noon, it started to get some traction. Obviously, with the amount of transactions and trades after 3PM, it was more of a sprint to the end."Specifically regarding Thomas Vanek, Snow said that they didn't see an actual offer for Vanek until about noon yesterday. He said "that was the first offer we received at any point."Snow's full thoughts on the Moulson-Vanek trade through today:[sny-box]"Early in the season we made that deal to improve our club and when you see the chemistry with Kyle [Okposo], John [Tavares] and Thomas, it was one of the most productive lines in the NHL. It was a fun line to watch. We wanted to improve our club. The pick, that we control a little bit, and can defer to next year. We felt that when we had Thomas around our group, we thought he may think differently about re-signing then if we called on July 1. The first and second were assets were things that I thought we could recoup if the season didn't go as we hoped. Yesterday, it was time to recover some of the assets. Matt Moulson, when he was an Islander, he wasn't a player we were looking to bring back on July 1."[/sny-box]Snow didn't address a specific reason for why Moulson would not be brought back, saying that "we got a player that we felt could make our team better."On why Andrew MacDonald was expendable:[sny-box]"We are in a phase now where we were developing players like [Anders] Lee, [Ryan] Strome and [Calvin] De Haan. I think that is part of the reason we didn't re-sign Andrew MacDonald. We are looking forward to getting them to the level we think they can be. For us it was the same mantra: We will draft and develop. "[/sny-box]On the number one priority this offseason:[sny-box]"[Evgeni] Nabokov has been a terrific goalie in this league and with us. He has been a solid goalie. We ran into trouble when he got injured. Between Nabby being injured and Lubomir [Visnovsky] being out, it put players into roles that they probably weren't ready for. Whether that is a defenseman going from 22 to 26 minutes or a goalie playing 3 of 4 rather than 1 of 4. Never use injuries as an excuse but it's a fact."[/sny-box]And finally, on John Spano, who tweeted this yesterday: "He is a hell of a guy."
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