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Islanders play-by-play man Howie Rose has had his fair share of rants on the air over the last few years and, when an opportunity presents itself, he doesn't shy away from telling it like it is. Here's a quick recap of his recent memorable rants: 
  1. Asking if it was time for spring training yet (Rose also does commentary for the Mets and this one only sort of counts because it wasn't intended to be on camera).
  2. Going off on ESPN's Neil Greenberg for not including John Tavares in a Top 25 list
  3. Going off about Kyle Okposo's snub from Team USA
This video isn't quite on the soapbox/mic drop level that some of the aforementioned events were, but Rose certainly has some #realtalk for the politicians of Nassau County (despite never naming names, that's how it's aimed for the most part).'s a transcript of the important part:[sny-box]"Long Island was major league in every respect. Once the Islanders leave and go to Brooklyn, now the objective is to bring a minor league team here? So, you look at this place and you think of what was and this is all you need to know about what's happened here in Nassau County. Now they aspire to be minor league. And that's just an absolute shame.I can't help it, it gets me worked up. When I look at those Nets banners and those Islanders banners and I remember the noise and I remember what was and what was for a long time -- a good run by the Nets and a long run by the Islanders -- that's why I wonder about Bill Torrey's innermost thoughts."[/sny-box]
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