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6:08 p.m.: NBC Sports released a statement to Islanders Point Blank and regarding the lack of Islanders games being broadcasted nationally:

“The schedule reflects that the Islanders did not make the playoffs last year. But the schedule is subject to change and allows for teams to play their way onto it later in the year.”
So, it is still unfortunate the Islanders do not have a game nationally televised, but their reasoning makes sense. From a business standpoint and a logical standpoint, NBC Sports makes sense. The Isles aren't the biggest draw on TV and did not make the playoffs, so they were the odd man out. There is also a chance for them to make it on if things change, and if they make the playoffs then they'll have to be on NBC Sports.

Original Post: If you were looking to watch an Islander game on NBCSN or NBC network during the 2014-15 NHL season, don't hold your breath.

The NHL's broadcast partner released its schedule for the upcoming season with plans to air 103 regular season games. None of which will feature the Islanders. In recent memory, it is the first time the Islander have not been on the NBCSN schedule.

The Islanders are coming off a tough season that saw them go 34-37-11 and missed the playoffs, after making it in 2013. Still, it's hard to fully understand why the Islanders will not make at least one appearance, especially with this being the franchises final year at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. A trip at least once by the network would have been nice to see just for the old barn on Hempstead Turnpike to get at least a little send off nationally.

Beside the Islanders -- though it is still early -- look to be a team to be reckoned with in the Metropolitan and could be making a push for the playoffs late in the season. NBC or NBCSN could possibly flex the game if there is some intrigue to a late season contest, but that is unclear.

New York's other two hockey will be making appearances on NBC and NBCSN... The Devils will have two home games broadcasted on NBCSN and the Rangers will make 10 appearances on NBCSN and three games will be broadcasted on NBC.

It's understandable why the Rangers will be featured so frequently. They did just go to the Stanley Cup Final -- to the dismay of Islander fans everywhere -- and the league will want to milk that for all it's worth. Makes sense, but the Devils had a rough season and don't look to be a threat in the Metro this year.

The idea that New Jersey gets two nationally broadcasted games and the Islanders don't just does not make sense. The opponents for those two games, by the way, are Columbus and Buffalo.

Not necessarily games that get tongues wagging.

It would seem it is still a respect thing when it comes to the Islanders. They had a bad season after having a good one so NBC decided it was not worth highlighting them on their networks.

Hopefully that will change in Brooklyn.

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