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One of the neat things that has been doing lately is editing actual NHL highlights to mimic NHL 94, the classic video game. First they did Pavel Datsyuk and Patick Kane, now John Tavares has gotten the special treatment.

If you're not familiar, NHL 94 is the classic NHL game released just about twenty years ago now. It's famous in pop culture for that scene in Swingers with Vince Vaughn and for being the first hockey video game that everyone really took to. It had a couple predecessors, but they were very similar versions.

For me personally, this was the hockey game that my generation grew up on. Kids who were hockey fans and those who weren't both loved it, and it was released on both NES and Sega Genesis, which were HUGE systems at the time. I can honestly say I spent a good four years after the game was released playing the PC version on our circa 1990 IBM computer. That version of the game came on -- get this -- two floppy disks, which is just crazy when you consider some games today require 8GB on your XBOX (looking at you, Halo 4). That's like a kajillion floppy disks, give or take. I'll have to take a look and see if I can dig up the disks, they're probably still sitting in the basement somewhere.

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