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On the SBJ/SBD Podcast a couple days ago, Chris Botta had some updates on the potential sale of the team to Andrew Barroway. You can check it out via this link and the discussion starts at about the 5-minute mark. Here are some of the pertinent points: "My understanding... is that Andrew Barroway has an agreement, a verbal agreement... an understanding with Charles Wang of what the price will be should he and his partners buy the New York Islanders. I'm told to not be surprised if that price actually exceeds $400 million. Again that's an agreement, an understanding -- not a signed deal.""[Barroway] does not have the money yet. He is not in that ballpark of slam dunk wealthiness where he could do this alone, so he is continuing to look for partners... If Charles Wang can get this deal done, he will take it... "And today, things got a bit more interesting as Barroway, according to Botta, has the money. Now it's up to Charles to answer the question of [Howie Mandel voice] "deal, or no deal?"[sny-box]A source close to Barroway said last night that Barroway recently lined up the necessary partners and financing to complete a deal.

“It was no secret that Andy needed partnership money,” said the source. “Now, he’s put it all together and he’s in position to make the deal Wang wants.”[/sny-box]Isles Talk has an article on the Jaroslav Halak situation, in which there has been no obvious movement since the trade, and has an interesting take on why it's quiet:[sny-box]First, have you noticed that there are also no signings of any teams restricted free agents? That’s because every GM like Snow are awaiting to see what the official salary cap will be. During Gary’s interview with Garth Snow, there was a estimation of 52 million as the possible cap floor, but the GM’s need specific numbers so that they can decide whether to qualify their restricted free agents and make room for future unrestricted free agents or trades. The cap floor should be announced within the next few weeks, so there is still time.[/sny-box]Brock Nelson had this awesome goal yesterday against Latvia at the World Championships:Maple Leafs Hot Stove breaks down how teams have acquired their number one center and the vast majority of the teams acquire that person through the draft. 24 of 30 teams have done so via the draft -- Islanders included in that, obviously. It goes to show how tough it can be to find a player like that via free agency, only one team has a UFA as their number center, which is the Rangers with Brad Richards. Of course, that has been a rocky road at times and they also have Derek Stepan, who they drafted, waiting in the wings.The article outlines why and how the Leafs should attempt to trade Florida for the number one pick this summer. The Leafs are in desperate need of a franchise player, one they could likely get at #1 and the Panthers may be more interested in winning now, and could use NHL-ready players that a #1 pick would bring back. But then again everyone says the #1 pick is getting traded every year and it never seems to. So, we'll see.Also: GM Ray Shero was fired in Pittsburgh after being eliminated by the Rangers earlier this week... Coach and ex-Isle Dan Byslma remains. For now...Happy Anniversary, Stanley Cup Number Three:
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