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(UPDATED, 7:00 pm) - Frans Nielsen out 8-12 weeks with "multiple leg injuries." Howie Rose reports that Colin Campbell told Garth Snow that Mottau's hit was not to Nielsen's head. If I have that correctly, that would be cause to call for Campbell's resignation. No word if the Islanders are going to respond.



Just got back from the radio show, where I said Mike Mottau deserved 5 games but warned Islanders fans they might be disappointed by the NHL.


But actually, I guess the NHL did not disappoint. Two games for Mottau. Laughable.


The Islanders did the we're-1-of-30 thing last week with their warm acceptance of the 5-game suspension of Thomas Pock. Now let's see if they release another kind of statement.


To all you Brent Sutter haters out there, you're looking in the wrong direction. Sutter did what all the top head coaches in contact sports do: at the risk of stretching the truth or coming off like a hypocrite, he established an organizational culture. Sutter is the rare Devils coach who didn't learn it from Lou Lamoriello. He learned at the hand of Al Arbour.


You're either on our team or you're not on our team. The Devils' culture runs so wide, even Doc and Chico said Mottau's hit deserved a minor at worst.


Brent Sutter's loyalty is to the New Jersey Devils. There's a reason after the hit on his son Brandon you didn't hear him say "Doug Weight is not that kind of player," even though you, me and Brent know Weight is not that kind of player. (Maybe Sutter views his team like family). Dump on Brent's Islanders legacy now all you want. If he was coaching the Islanders, you'd have the chills over how he defends the crest.


The Islanders, on the other hand, prefaced their comments with the poetry of "I know Mike Mottau and Mike Mottau is not a dirty player..." Please. As Don La Greca said so eloquently on our radio show, "What a bunch of garbage. He is now"!


Would you ever hear Arbour say that? Would you ever hear the Red Wings, Devils or Bob Gainey's Canadiens testify for the character of a player who ran down one of their players? What NHL team would have gone away as quietly as the Islanders did last night? I'm the first to admit I've never fully grasped the enforcer concept, but I can also tell you I never saw what I saw in the final ten minutes in New Jersey last night.


Scott Gordon made a mistake. He'll learn, just as he learned when he got booed for going with Bill Guerin and Doug Weight in one shootout loss, then heard the arena roar when he sent out Nielsen and Josh Bailey the next time he had a chance.


The Islanders have a way to go. But while they're getting there, they should use the time to act like a team. You don't need goal-scoring ability or Jay Bouwmeester to do that. Just an attitude throughout the franchise.


I wonder if Scott Gordon or Bill Guerin noticed Mottau yukking it up with the Devils penalty box attendant while their battered teammate was being scraped off the ice? On the broadcast, Billy Jaffe said when Mottau returned to the ice, he was going to pay a price. Uh, nevermind.


"Mike Mottau is not a dirty player..." He is now. A two-game wrist slap for a flying elbow.


You're either on the New York Islanders or you're not on the New York Islanders.


Start acting like it.



PB Reader Notice: Call it bloggititis-CB, Colie Campbell-itis, the flu or some bad popcorn at The Rock, but after almost two months of obsessive blogging I have to shut down for about 24 hours. Barely made it through the radio show, so thanks to Mike Sillinger and Steve Zipay for carrying segments.


Like Mike Comrie, I'm day-to-day. Maybe Sunday. My regrets. Let me know - in PG-rated language - how tonight's game goes.




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