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When you head out to the Coliseum for tonight’s home opener against the Blue Jackets, it may look a little bare. Gone are the multiple banners advertising Optimum Wifi and Optimum TV, which covered the Coliseum in recent years. Instead, it’s back to only two banners as depicted in the picture at right, tweeted by Islandermania.  There’s one banner for the Coliseum and one for the Islanders.The Islanders still have banners depicting current players posted vertically in between the pillars on the Coliseum’s exterior.For comparison, here’s what the Coliseum looked like last season straight from the Optimum Rewards website:In the off-season, Madison Square Garden lost a bid to operate a renovated Nassau Coliseum. Both Optimum and Madison Square Garden are owned by the same parent company, Cablevision, although it is not clear that the loss of the bid and removal of ad banners are related in any way.The Coliseum had also been fully wired as an “Optimum WiFi hotspot” in previous seasons. Let us know in the comments if that is still the case.
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