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As part of the Stadium Series Game between the Islanders and Rangers next Wednesday at Yankee Stadium, the Islanders will be wearing a special blue jersey to commemorate the event. The limited edition jersey has been a success, as demand for it has caused to sell out and many of the jerseys can be seen (and purchased) around the Coliseum concourse.However, we've heard from a number of fans who weren't satisfied with their purchase from the NHL's online store, According to those we spoke to as well as posters at Hockey's Future, the John Tavares jerseys sold through the website have not shipped with the captain's 'C', which Tavares was given during the off-season, despite the website showing the contrary (right).An NHL source tells Point Blank that the issue is being looked into and it's a mistake if customers received the jersey without the 'C'. Fans with the incorrect jersey should contact NHL Shop and ask for the 'C' to be added.The source continued to say that the jerseys were designed late and went into production late, causing things like the 'C' and Stadium Series logo to be missing for many of the retailers. To compound that, customers weren't notified of the missing jersey elements. A dropped ball, or puck if you will, for all involved.Purchasers of the jersey at the Coliseum have gotten the 'C' with their jerseys as well as a special Stadium Series patch, the latter of which appears to be either a special incentive for buying the jersey through the team or the team making things right. 
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