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As the Barclays nears its September 28th opening, there have been a lot of photos posted around the internet of the different parts of the building. One of the most interesting is this picture; what might be our first look at the ice sheet inside the arena, via Instagram user hulkingspider (via LHH).

This picture is helpfully taken of what appears to be the side of the arena that that has garnered attention for the Barclays' 'horseshoe' seating arrangement for hockey. The views of the near net from one end zone of upper deck seating aren't viable and it looks like it will be blocked off by a curtain. I'm guessing the curtain isn't for the Jay-Z concert or anything non-hockey related, but I'm not certain. Here's a side view of the curtain from @kicksavetwenty:

Another interesting shot is this photo of one of the end zones from the New York Post, as it shows a pretty steep angle in the upper deck:

Of course this isn't the best way to judge the arena's hockey setup but it's interesting to get a look nonetheless. The best sample, as always, will be when we're allowed into the arena on October 2nd for the Isles' pre-season game. If that game even takes place.

For further pictures of the arena, check out the New York Post and SB Nation blog Nets Daily.

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