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(Corey Trivino, No. 3)
Before we unveil our list of the Islanders' top prospects not currently with the big club or playing in Bridgeport, a few notes:

 - The list was compiled with our knowledge of the prospects combined with the views of three NHL amateur scouts.


 - The key word is here "upside." It is very possible some lower-ranked players could make the NHL while some of the more highly-ranked never get here. This list is of the players with the most potential.


 - No, we did not forget anyone (Blake Kessel, Jason Gregoire, David Toews, Jyri Niemi, Justin DiBenedetto). There is still plenty of time to move up the chart for our next ranking.


 - That said, based on need and timing - and ability, naturally - it's possible the Islanders could sign a player or two not on this list before they sign a player on it.


Here goes.



sleep 510. LW DAVID ULLSTROM, 19 years old


Drafted: 4th round, 2008


Now Playing: Boras HC, Swedish Elite League


NHL Upside: Second or third-line forward with high-end skill and speed


Scout: "A real sleeper. Great value in the fourth round."



9. G STEFAN RIDDERWALL, 20 years old


Drafted: 6th round, 2006


Now Playing: Djurgardens, Swedish Elite League


NHL Upside: No. 2 goalie with an outside chance of pushing for No. 1


Scout: "If he wants to be in the NHL, he should come over in a year or two and start in the American League. Definitely has the talent."



sleep 58. LW MATT MARTIN, 19 years old


Drafted: 5th round, 2008


Now Playing: Sarnia, Ontario Hockey League


NHL Upside: Leadership, character, toughness


Scout: "Keeps on getting better. Probably not much more than a third-line player, maybe fourth line, but I think he's a winner. Every team wants a kid like this."



7. D MARK KATIC, 19 years old


Drafted: 3rd round, 2007


Now Playing: Sarnia, Ontario Hockey League


NHL Upside: No. 3-4 defenseman


Scout: "Still has to show more. The skills are there. I think the Islanders will sign him and I think he'll play, but he has to show more consistency to make it as a top-4." 



sleep 56. D TRAVIS HAMONIC, 18 years old


Drafted: 2nd round, 2008


Now Playing: Moose Jaw, Western Hockey League


NHL Upside: No. 2-3 shutdown defenseman


Scout: "Solid. Could he be special? I don't know. Just a real good stay-at-home defenseman who should have a long career."



5. RW RHETT RAKHSHANI, 20 years old


Drafted: 4th round, 2006


Now Playing: University of Denver


NHL Upside: competitive and skilled second-line right wing


Scout: "Skating is not great, but makes up for it with playmaking ability and work ethic."



sleep 5 


4. LW ROBIN FIGREN, 20 years old


Drafted: 3rd round, 2006


Now Playing: Djurgardens, Swedish Elite League


NHL Upside: same as Rakhshani, but on the left side


Scout: "Should be an excellent fit in Scott Gordon's system when he returns from Sweden. A very good all-around player with intangibles."



3. C COREY TRIVINO, 18 years old


Drafted: 2nd round, 2008


Now Playing: Boston University


NHL Upside: same as Figren and Rakhshani, but down the middle and with blazing speed


Scout: "Kid can fly. If he can put it all together..."



sleep 52. D AARON NESS, 18 years old


Drafted: 2nd round, 2008


Now Playing: University of Minnesota


NHL Upside: No. 2, Rafalski-like defenseman


Scout: "Only went in the second round because of size (5-10, 160). The Islanders may have lucked into this one."



sleep 5


1. RW KIRILL PETROV, 18 years old


Drafted: 3rd round, 2008


Now Playing: Kazan Ak Bars, Kontinental Hockey League


NHL Upside: First-line wing


Scout: "The ultimate wild card. Don't know when he'll come over. Probably won't be for another year or two at the earliest. But for a team with all those early round picks, the Islanders were smart to grab him. Too much skill to ignore."




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