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sleep 5William Houston of the Toronto Globe & Mail has this eulogy on the slow, but painful death of hockey beat coverage in "the States." Thank you to Lisa of Islandermania for finding the story.


The story of Tim Panaccio and the Philadelphia Inquirer is particularly depressing. I was a PR intern for the Flyers in the 86-87 season, when they went to the Stanley Cup Final and Jay Greenberg (Philadelphia Daily News) and Al Morganti (Inquirer) wrote thousands of words on the Fers daily. It's one thing to say the Eagles own the town; it's another to act like the Flyers don't own a big chunk of the city's brotherly love.


Brian Biggane was an excellent writer of all things Panthers for the Palm Beach Post. The paper has not just taken their coverage off the road. They eliminated the beat.


If anyone around the game still wants to put their head in the sand and believe the media desertion at the All-Star Game, Cup Final and now on the daily beats is not a crisis, go ahead.


And can you believe the New York Daily News still runs that radio spot where they say the sports editor makes sure every team in New York gets the same passionate coverage?


I hope you're enjoying Islanders Point Blank. Any suggestions, please place in the Comments box.

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