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7:30 pm - Three hours since the LI Press story was posted, still no reaction from the Lighthouse Development Corp. Multiple calls and texts from this writer to LDC executives have not been returned.


It's still early in the night, but my understanding is that the LDC has yet to speak with any reporters. Personally, I'm not getting on Kate Murray tonight. (By the way, if you think she's not getting re-elected...well, you're wrong).


IF - and that's a big IF because it's early enough - Charles Wang or his staff do not provide a response to Islanders fans tonight with any media outlet, they would be making a big mistake. You do not toy with the emotions of your fanbase at this serious a level. You just do not. I hope they get this right.


Back later tonight.




5:05 pm - The Long Island Press is reporting that Charles Wang has abandoned his plans for the Lighthouse Project. Point Blank has reached out to three top officials on the development and the calls went to voicemail. Let me put this right out there: if they are not returned tonight, that would be the definition of "weak."


My take as of 5:00 - developers Wang and Scott Rechler are making a point. As we've pointed out several times over the last year, everyone has games to play. Just remember, the focus should be on hockey! Riiiight.


I'm travelling and will do what I can. Hopefully the mainstream can continue to declare how Brooklyn is not an option and the lease prevents the Islanders from eventually moving. Stay tuned for Kate Murray's response, only in Newsday.

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