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sleep 510:45 pm - In a brief phone interview with Point Blank late Sunday night, Islanders GM Garth Snow expressed complete support for Scott Gordon and said that as discouraging as the team’s recent 9-game losing streak has become, do not expect him to make any band-aid moves that could damage his long-range plans.


Of his first-year coach, Snow said “I stand by Scott and everything he is trying to instill in our team. He is an outstanding coach and our partnership is going to be a long one. His style of play works and I’m 100% confident it will work for us. Over time, as we continue to develop our young players and make the necessary changes to become a better team, you’ll see why I believe so much in Scott.”


On the recent comments of Brendan Witt about Gordon’s style, Snow responded, “My respect for Brendan is boundless, everyone knows that. He’s a great defenseman and leader. My only criticism is that it was a family matter, and Brendan should have kept it in the family. We discussed it internally and now we’re moving on.”


Snow ruled out stop-gap measures to improve his ailing, struggling hockey team. The GM acknowledged he has been working the phones hard for weeks, but not in search of quick fixes.


“When you’re in a losing streak, you get lots of offers of help from your fellow GMs,” Snow said with a slight laugh. “I listen to everything and I’ve made plenty of calls of my own, but you’re not going to see us make a trade to plug a few holes left by our injuries.


“We’re not going to use injuries as an excuse and we’re not going to rush out to make a shortsighted trade. I could have done that already but I have no interest in those types of deals. The injuries are unfortunate, but they give us a chance to look at other players in the system.


“We set out on a program in the summer and told our fans about our vision and our goals. We’re not in this to contend for 8th place – we’re committed to a plan that will have us contending for the Stanley Cup. As disappointing as the results have been the last few weeks, our focus will not change.”




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