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Yesterday John Tavares was interviewed on Leafs Lunch on TSN 1050 (mp3 link) about his injury, going to the Olympics and his young fan who had been heckled in Winnipeg. Tavares had been rehabbing his knee injury that he suffered in the Olympics. On how he feels the injury is progressing:[sny-box]It's been going fantastic, I've made a lot of progress and things are going really well. I'm back in New York now with the guys, back from our long road trip. I'm very happy with the way it's going. At first you can be a little worried about how serious it can be. Fortunately for me the news kept getting better and better. I've been through this type of knee injury before so I know how I've responded from it and am doing everything I can to get back to 100%... [/sny-box]Did he have any regrets about going to the Olympics?[sny-box]None whatsoever. I hope we go again. I would love that opportunity again. I told many people it's hard watching being injured and I've never had to miss too much time, knock on wood, and thank God I try to be as durable as I can be. But watching those last two games it was great watching and supporting my teammates but I remember watching in 2002, 2010 and even in 1998... Those couple games [the medal round] are the games you never know if you get to play in and if you get them they're once in a lifetime... I would love to have that opportunity again... I think in the long run it's only going to do me good playing in a tournament like that... [/sny-box]On his 11-year old fan that was heckled in Winnipeg:[sny-box]I was on the road trip so I didn't hear about it for a few days, actually my girlfriend saw the story online and told me about it. We were both a little bit shaken up... I remember being that age and how much I loved the game and loved to watch certain to players, how disappointing and discouraging something like that could be... I thought it could be a great opportunity to give back and... certainly want him to be a great NHL fan, a great fan of mine and fan of the Islanders... You don't want him to lose his dreams or his goals or how much he admires the game because of something like that...I was very similar to all the kids that look up to me now and have aspirations of playing in the NHL and all the want to do is play hockey... To have that kind of support... It's amazing to me the support I've received and I'm very grateful for it... [/sny-box]And finally on how to turn the Islanders around next year:[sny-box]We did some great things last season... It's up to every single person in this organization to look ourselves in the mirror at the end of this season and realize we need a lot more from everybody and that's what it comes down to... Understand the commitment we had last season on a daily basis, a consistent basis and that's what makes success for playoff teams and championship teams... [/sny-box]
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