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Here's a little bit of a history lesson as we start to near the summer, which is the usual time of year for these things. Back in 1984, Pat Flatley joined the Islanders for the first time since being taken 21st overall in the 1982 draft. The long time Islanders captain made his debut for the team on February 29, 1984 in Winnipeg against the (old) Jets. Flatley would contribute immediately, scoring on his first NHL shot only 5-plus minutes into the game.  Want to go into a bit of a time warp? Well, here's the video of that entire game. Thanks to Eric D for passing it along. Flatley's goal comes at the 11:20 mark of the video but if you have the time you might want to watch the whole 11 minutes for the 30-year old commercials and the soothing tones of Jiggs McDonald. He sounds exactly the same, save for the different names on the ice. the goal McDonald and his co-announcer Ed Westfall remark about how they, and Flatley, will remember this for a long time. And, well, here we all are.Eric Hornick also writes in to say that this game is the only leap-day win in the history of the franchise.Here's part of the NY Times' recap of the game:[sny-box]Flatley, who became a professional Monday after returning from the Olympics, scored on his first National Hockey League shot 5 minutes 53 seconds into the opening period.With John Tonelli fighting for the puck in the left corner, the 20-year-old right wing moved into the fray and cleanly checked Lucien DeBlois into the boards and took the puck. He then skated out toward the slot, turned around, and beat Soetaert with a 15- footer that went just inside the left post.''I usually don't look at the net when I'm in that close,'' said Flatley, whose goal gave the Islanders a 1-0 lead. ''If you look, then the goalie might see you looking. I just fired away. The passing is harder, crisper here. And the players are stronger. But I think I'll get used to it.''[/sny-box]In more modern news, Sebastian Collberg has a separated shoulder and may fly to Long Island to be further evaluated by the Islanders medical staff. In his post, Arthur Staple also hints at Collberg heading to Bridgeport next year.To build off of the Josh Bailey-centric post from yesterday, Harry shares his thoughts and analyzes the 9th overall picks taken in the years prior to and after the drafting of Bailey. Harry writes that Bailey is in the middle of the pack. The whole thing is worth a read as well.[sny-box]Summary: The draft sucks. That 2008 draft sucked after the 4th pick. So in moving down, we got a few more lottery tickets that eventually allowed us to pick Hamonic. Also, take a look at how many really good teams missed completely in these draft spots, but surprise, surprise, they spent and were able to cover up the mistake.So from 2000 through 2011, Phaneuf, Couture, Granlund, and Hamilton are better choices at the 9 spot, leaving Bailey right in the middle of players drafted in this spot. The argument can be made that he isn't a star and we should cut him loose, but then there is an argument that his floor is 30 points plus good possession, with the clear skill to produce more, and he's an NHL player.[/sny-box]Also: Pro Hockey Talk ranks the worst 5-on-5 teams and the Islanders are where you would expect them to be... Sports Illustrated puts the Islanders at #2 on the "Fan Misery Rankings"...
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