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Over at the Score's hockey blog, Daniel Wagner wrote a detailed account of Garth Snow's waiver wire savvy and how the GM hasn't been able to find a standout goaltender despite being able to find a multitude of other players. Here's his take on the goaltending situation:

[sny-box]To be fair, it seems likely that Snow is just trying to buy time while the Islanders’ goaltending prospects develop. If one of Kevin Poulin, Anders Nilsson, or Mikko Koskinen steps up over the next year to take the reins from Nabokov, then Snow will look like a patient and intelligent GM. If not, and it’s entirely possible that none of them develop sufficiently, Snow will be heavily criticized for not addressing the goaltending situation appropriately.[/sny-box]

He's found a 30-goal scorer, a breakaway wizard and some decent defenders but no goalie. That position appears to be the key from taking the Islanders to a middling and potential playoff team to a bonafide contender. Hopefully someone will step up or be brought in to help.

Josh Bailey Interview

Bailey stopped by Toronto's Fan 590 for an interview. You can listen to it here, starting at about the 26 minute mark.

Top Free Agent Destinations

In a proud blogging summer tradition of ranking things and then watching people freak out about said rankings, Justin Bourne ranks the top free agent destinations. The Islanders clock in at 22nd -- just right, perhaps.

[sny-box]Kills me to have them so low, but I’m trying to put aside biases. Trying. But Long Island is great, Brooklyn is cool, you’re in a brand new barn (minus points for the horseshoe effect), you’re right close to the city, your location is about as good as it gets for travel, there’s some good young talent on the team… but you just know that the team won’t spend to make you Cup competitive, as close as you may be. Even if Isles fans think their current team is good enough to win a Cup at some point, they just don’t spend enough year-to-year to guarantee consistent success.[/sny-box]

What If... Oh Just Stop 

It's the summer, so Penn Live trolls hard by asking the [not so] burning question; 'what if the Islanders had been called for offsides in 1980?'


...And maybe we'll have an NHL schedule today? This guy (link is nsfw: language)  is way too angry about the delay.

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