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#IslesTwitter can be a weird place where weird things are said or joked about and suddenly made into truth. The other day, another wacky rumor started. No, not the one about the coach getting fired from after the Red Wings game on November 29th. The one about the head coach currently living in the general manager's basement. This one's not true, not at all (and was laughed at by the team staff, in case you weren't sure). Just more wackiness that probably started as a bad joke and turned into truth because Twitter.We have it on good authority that after replacing Scott Gordon in 2010 that Jack Capuano did stay with Garth Snow for a period of time, but that was it and he currently has his own place.Now for the important stuff, on how to get the team out of the basement of the standings.My apologies for the lack of writing yesterday, I was knocked a little loopy and a lot sore from some dental work. But it looks like a lot of writers and bloggers did an excellent job dissecting what's wrong and what change needs to come.Chris McNally at Lighthouse Hockey thought it is time to get rid of three "veteran" Islanders. That is, while they still have some trade value.[sny-box]Its easy to say this guy stinks or this guy isn't producing so let's trade him for something unrealistic. That's not what this piece is. Honestly, in my eyes the ship has sailed on the following three players and their Islanders careers. When taking a hard look at what these players most likely can/will offer the Isles in the future, it seems like the smartest path is to move on from each of them.

So while these guys still may have a fan or two left throughout the NHL Executive community, it's time for Snow to sell these players while he still can.[/sny-box]

You should click the link, but for the spoiler the three are Josh Bailey, Andrew MacDonald and Matt Martin.Trading MacDonald may actually be an excellent idea. He's got a super low cap hit, so very tradeable to many teams, even though half the league is in a cap crunch. MacDonald also gets at lot of respect around the league for playing a ton of minutes and might be a guy who could get a bigger return on the market than he really should.At Newsday, Art Staple wonders if it's time to rebuild the rebuild. The mere though of that should make you dry heave and that's not a shot at Staple at all, that's from the discomfort of imagining rebuilding after seven years of attempting to do so.[sny-box]So what now? Is it time to completely retool once again? What would that involve?The first order of business, I believe, would be flipping Thomas Vanek for as big a return as possible.[/sny-box]Yes, unless you can sign him (unlikely under current conditions).[sny-box]The next move is to plug in prospects where the Islanders can[/sny-box]Please, please. Please?For my money, move number one is bringing Peter Laviolette -- before another team does for Chrissake -- and see what happens. The Islanders are playing with no left and, from what Staple says, no one has stepped up in the locker room. A lot of times, the players don't give a hoot about "playing for the coach."Imagine if you have a boss you don't like at work and your contract doesn't expire until 2017. Are you gonna take an extra hour at lunch and not give a damn about what boss thinks? Yeah, you might.So change it up and see what happens. Before tearing up the roster, which is more cumbersome and could do more damage to the on-ice product, try Laviolette and see if it works.I don't do this often and should do it more; here's a compilation of what bloggers, fans, writers whatever you would like to be defined as -- it's all very fluid these days -- are saying about how to fix the team. Please give them a read.Dread the 2 Goal Lead -- What did we do to deserve this? (great blog name, btw) -- Fixing the IslandersAndy Graziano at Eyes on Isles
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