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Forty-two shots on goal, three that actually went in, and the Kings moved one step closer to the title last night.In Islanders news, there was seemingly much ado about nothing in relation to the potential possible maybe or maybe not sale of the New York Islanders. Gary Bettman wasn't saying much -- we shouldn't really expect otherwise, why would he speak out of turn? -- only saying that Wang was still "considering his options" and was generally undecided about the sale.Chris Botta adds that Bettman informed him things were not close and has an additional source saying that things are "not close."So, we're in the middle of nowhere. Maybe Wang's selling, maybe he's not. The longer this drags on, the more it impacts next season and what could potentially be changed in regards to staff and roster (or one, or neither).At this point, I'm in wait and see mode as Charles Wang continues to weigh his options. I don't have any extra info than anything that's been tweeted or written about on websites and message boards. The limbo is sometimes worse, waiting to see if the hammer drops or if it doesn't. We can't move forward or backward. But there's also not much else to do at this point in the season, until we start to ramp up draft coverage in the next week. 538 has some interesting data on coaching changes, which many times are as common as changing socks in the NHL. As you may suspect, coaches are more likely to be fired when a new GM is brought on board. Another interesting point; they also don't produce a statistically significant difference in wins.Take this paragraph (and there's also a fancy chart if you click the link):[sny-box]To determine if firing the head coach makes any difference, I compared teams’ year-over-year performance to whether or not they fired their coach during the offseason. Teams that fired their coaches performed exactly the same on average in the following season as teams that kept their coaches. Notably, teams that were sub-.400 performed 20 percent better on average the following season regardless of whether they fired their coach or not. Often all a team needs is a little regression to the mean, not a shakeup.[/sny-box]Of course, a key in there is that it says teams performed the same "on average", so of course not every team will show no improvement/worsening with a coaching change. Some will of course have an effect but, in the large scale across the league, the impact is minimal. This also makes a good case for not firing coaches for early season struggles, as the impact of a 1-5 start is minimized over the long haul of a 82-game season where there will inevitably be winning and losing streaks. It might be prudent to not let that one little early season losing streak cause a big change in team philosophy (although when you bottom out each November, well, that's something else entirely).In Montreal, Thomas Vanek is as good as gone says Habs blog A Winning Habit:[sny-box]I have to believe this all but ensures that the Austrian winger will not be back with the Habs next season. The chances of him returning were not very high to begin with, but I can guarantee the Canadiens will not make the biggest offer for him, and clearly all he is after is the most money....A lot of fans will be happy to see him go, as he took a lot of blame for the Canadiens failure to advance beyond the New York Rangers and into the Stanley Cup Final. However, this leaves a void in the Habs top six that desperately needs to be filled this off season.[/sny-box]So you can scratch one more team off the list of the Vanek sweepstakes which, in all likelihood, are headed to Minnesota. But hey, you never know (sorry, that commercial is burned into my brain after this past season).RDS' Renaud Lavoie tweets that Vanek's agent has confirmed the UFA-to-be will test the open market on July 1 (also not a big surprise there, obviously).If you're wondering what Teemu Selanne has been up to in the weeks following his retirement after Anaheim was eliminated, he's already in the broadcast booth for Finnish TV:[embed][/embed]Also: Stanley Cup minutiae; the LA Kings PA announcer used to shoot t-shirts at the Coliseum... LHH begins their annual Top 25 Islanders Under 25 years old series...And if you watch one video today, please watch this one from John Oliver about the awful, no good, very bad thing called Net Neutrality coming our way that could impact how you use this and other websites (warning: strong language).[embed][/embed]
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