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It has been a summer of change for the Islanders this year.

Investment into a quality product on the ice, a new building on the horizon and now an end to the ownership drama that has been the part of the team's narrative for the last few months, if not years. It is a means to an end for the team and their fan base that may finally being seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Charles Wang's ownership of the Isles has been a bumpy road and has -- as development projects have failed and the team struggled on the ice -- divided the team's fan base over their perception of him. Some like him and others... well, they were not too thrilled with his management of the team.

But with the announcement of new ownership of the Islanders there is renewed hope from fans. That's not to anoint Jonathan Ledecky and Scott Malkin as saviors of the team just yet. In fact, they won't own the team outright until 2016. For now they will be minority owners of the team -- pending league approval -- until their majority stake kicks in.

Ledecky and Malkin know business success, and Ledecky knows the business of hockey. He was a minority owner of the Washington Capitals from 1999 to 2001, so hockey is not alien to the Isles new owner. That success in business world will hopefully translate into success for the pair in the hockey world. It will need to for the Islanders to make it in the borough of Brooklyn.


The only sticking point that could potentially hold up the sale is the lawsuit filed by Andrew Barroway against Wang. Barroway does have the legal option of filing an injection of the sale, but at the moment their is no word on what he will do.

Right now, there is excitement for whats to come. A new hope, if you will, that the Islanders franchise is starting to turn the corner. That with new ownership, the Islanders may finally have a chance to return to the glory the franchise once had. Ledecky certainly has his sights set on the right path.

"We are pleased to have the opportunity to become partners in the New York Islanders with Charles, and to pursue our shared dream of winning a fifth Stanley Cup for the greatest fans in the NHL," Ledecky said in a statement.

With a competitive team on the ice and new ownership coming aboard the 2014-15 season and beyond is starting to shape up quite nicely.

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