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This season, the Islanders have been at the bottom of the NHL's penalty kill ranking for almost the entire season. Back in the fall, they were dead last and barely over 70% on their kills. Today, they're still dead last but have improved slightly to 76.8%.What's wrong with the Islanders PK and how can it be fixed?To answer those questions and much more we asked for the help of hockey systems and strategy expert, Jeremy Weiss. Jeremy runs Weiss Tech Hockey, which provides books, training courses and information on hockey drills, strategies and systems for coaching. On his YouTube channel, he also provides detailed breakdowns of different NHL teams and plays. It's like the detailed analysis that you get snippets of on live NHL broadcasts -- and better analysis, in my opinion -- but in long form. He was kind enough to provide us with a 30-minute (!) video breaking down the woes of the Islanders PK this season. you enjoyed the video, be sure to check out Weiss Tech Hockey's website.
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