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Apparently it's Barclays Center Week here at IPB. More info on the arena front from Barclays Center CEO Brett Yormark, who was on the Michael Kay Show earlier today discussing the Nets, Islanders and Coliseum renovations. As far as renovations of the arena in preparation for the Islanders go, Yormark said that the way the arena was for the pre-season game was mostly how it would look when the Islanders move in."For the most part, what the fans saw on the 21st is what they'll see when the Islanders come here," Yormark told Kay. "We are thinking about adding some premium seating, which I think will be great for that high-end premium buyer but other than that we're ready to go."Yormark also mentioned that they still need to build a "locker room campus" for the Islanders and other "smaller things" that were needed to accommodate the team. But he said there was "nothing big from the standpoint of having to add additional seating or anything like that."Asked why, with his team renovating the Coliseum, it wasn't possible for the Islanders to stay Yormark had the following to say:[sny-box]I just don't think you could have refurbished it in a way where it could truly accommodate a professional hockey team for 44 nights. There's very little suite revenue coming out of that building. They don't really have suites. I just think there's a slew of reasons why it wouldn't work. I just don't think you could generate the revenue out of that building. [/sny-box]The hosts also asked him about rumors (heh) that the team may move earlier than their scheduled mid-2015 moving date:[sny-box]Well, I'll never say never cause you just don't know... But right now the plan is 15-16 and should it change, I'll call you guys.[/sny-box]Here's the full audio of Yormark's interview.
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