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Toronto columnist Steve Simmons writes that John Tavares should not play for the Islanders. Islanders fans, on this blog and elsewhere, get all fired up because of one dork sportswriter in Toronto. Islanders fans bombard Simmons' email Inbox.


(Steve has been killing the Leafs for two decades, so writing him about how bad "his" Leafs are gets you nowhere).


What all those emails to Steve and letters to his editor will accomplish other than getting the writer a raise is hard to understand. What makes Steve Simmons' opinion on this subject any different than a blogger's or a fan's or a guy down the street is a mystery. Congratulations, Steve.


Coming tomorrow on Point Blank: an entry ripping on the Rangers for winning one Stanley Cup in the last 68 years. If I really did that, I'd break a record for site Visits. It's the same thing.

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