Jason Kidd

Lawrence Frank, former Nets head coach and current team employee, is expected to join the L.A. Clippers coaching staff.

Frank served as Nets head coach from 2004-2010. He was brought back to the organization last season to become an assistant under Jason Kidd. Despite being signed to serve as a mentor to the rookie head coach, he was quickly reassigned to administrative work after difficulties between Kidd and himself arose.

This marks the second former New York basketball head coach Doc Rivers has brought in to join his staff. Earlier this?off season, former Knicks head coach Mike Woodson was named an assistant.

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The Raptors went into Brooklyn and beat the Nets on their home floor, evening up their best-of-seven playoff series at two wins apiece.

In a game of runs that evened out to a tie game entering the fourth quarter, Toronto?held the Nets scoreless in the final five minutes of the game to seal the victory and reclaim home court advantage.

After averaging a team-high 23.7 points per game over the first three games of the series, Joe Johnson scored just seven points on 2-of-7 shooting in Game 4.

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Jason Collins scored his first basket since becoming the first openly gay athlete in the major North American sports, then met with the parents and brother of the fallen young man he honors on his jersey.

Matthew Shepard's family was in attendance for the Nets' game in Denver Thursday night, and Collins met them after the game and gave them a token: a signed jersey.

"I got them a bucket," the Brooklyn Nets' center said with a chuckle. "And of course, I had what, like three, four, five fouls. So, I did my usual fouls and I got them a bucket. And a free throw."

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The Nets (22-25) defeated the San Antonio Spurs (36-14) tonight by a score of 103-89.

The Least You Should Know

[sny-box] With five key players sitting out for the Spurs, the Nets came out flat but still led by one after the first half.

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The Nets (20-24) lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder (38-10) tonight by a score of 120-95.

The Least You Should Know

[sny-box] A Shaun Livingston steal and dunk cut the Thunder deficit to 17-16 at the 4:57 mark of the first quarter.

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The Nets (20-23) lost to the Toronto Raptors (23-21) tonight by a score of 104-103.

The Least You Should Know

[sny-box] In a battle of the two top teams in the Atlantic Division, the Raptors held a 94-85 lead with just over eight minutes remaining. But the Nets rallied on the shoulders of Paul Pierce to go on a 9-0 run to tie the game and eventually take the lead.

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The Nets (15-22) lost to the Toronto Raptors (18-17) tonight by a score of 96-80.

The Least You Should Know

[sny-box] The Nets struggled through the first half but really picked things up to start the third quarter ? opening up a 10-point lead at the halfway point of the frame.

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The Nets (9-18) lost to the Indiana Pacers (23-5) tonight by a score of 103-86.

The Least You Should Know

[sny-box] The Nets were able to keep this game close in the first half ? trailing by only six at the break ? despite shooting only 35 percent from the field. But the Pacers took control in the third quarter, outscoring Brooklyn 30-19, en route to an easy victory.

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It looks like Mirza Teletovic may finally get the consistent opportunity to prove why the Nets signed him.

Rather than put their tails between their legs, the Nets have to figure out a way to make up Brook Lopez?s production, now that the team?s starting center will be out for the season. Sure, the Nets have gotten off to a slow start, but the Atlantic Division is very weak, and even without Lopez, Brooklyn still has arguably the best roster if everyone else is healthy and contributing.

Jason Kidd has a few options when it comes to his new starting lineup. Deron Williams, Joe Johnson and Kevin Garnett are locks, but Kidd can then fill out the lineup in some creative ways, and one way he looks committed to is leaning on the Bosnian sensation.

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Jason Kidd is keeping it simple, and his players are very happy.

Stefan Bondy reports that Kidd has simplified both the offensive and defensive schemes, and his players are happy and thriving. Deron Williams told Bondy that Kidd gets his points across quickly, while also mentioning it might have been best for Kidd to divorce himself of Lawrence Frank:

[sny-box]?I mean, Lawrence was always kind of the defensive guy, so he was talking on defense and he was definitely long-winded when it came to teaching, so I definitely think it?s helped [that Frank is no longer around] We?re a veteran group, so we get things pretty easily. So at times when you?re just talking and you?re not practicing, it gets a little lengthy. But I think J-Kidd does a good job of getting his points across quick and easy and then we move on.?[/sny-box]

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Jason Kidd has been picked apart enough that it's only fair he gets a little praise when he makes the right call. And sitting Brook Lopez against Philadelphia was the right call.

Kidd must have been tempted to rush Lopez back into the lineup. As I wrote earlier this week, favorable match ups have put the Nets are in good position to climb towards the penthouse of the Atlantic. A win against the Sixers would be another step in the direction of, what Brooklyn hopes will be, a nice bounce back month off their tumultuous November struggles. Even more so, having Lopez play would have been good for the psyche of the team, its management, and its fans alike. An assurance that, despite missing last week's game against the Pistons, Lopez is fine and there's no cause for concern.

Lopez even said he expected to play prior to Monday's shootaround, but Kidd held him out. And the Nets walloped on a struggling Sixers team that is young and depleted by injuries.

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Never has a man said so little and so much all at the same time.

Over a week after it happened, Billy King finally put a comment on the record that gave a little more insight into the Lawrence Frank reassignment.

"Knowing the inside, we did what we had to do."

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The Nets (7-14) defeated the Boston Celtics (10-13) tonight by a score of 104-96.

The Least You Should Know

[sny-box] The Nets had a comfortable 13-point lead after three quarters but went cold from the field to start the fourth. The Celtics though could not make a serious enough dent into the lead, so when Brooklyn regained its stroke, the game was sealed.

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Deron Williams and Paul Pierce will be available tonight, Nets coach Jason Kidd confirmed.

Williams will start at point guard. Pierce will be coming off the bench for the first time this season and only fourth time in his 16-year NBA career.

Williams returns to the lineup after dealing with nagging ankle injuries this season.

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Was Jason Kidd simply standing up for himself by reassigning Lawrence Frank?

NBA.com's David Alridge reports that Kidd exploded on Frank after his former assistant would not stop passive aggressively needling him and talking over him in a team meeting. Alridge adds details about the much-reported tirade Kidd dropped on Frank after a November loss to the Magic:

[sny-box]The denouement came in the now well-reported blowup Kidd had with Frank, where Kidd, according to a source, told Frank: 'Sit the [bleep] down! I?m the coach of this [13-letter word] team! When you?re on the bench, don?t [bleeping] move!' [...] To say ego was not involved here is to say water is not wet. Frank?s way ?'passive-aggressive undermining,' as another coaching source put it last week ? is grating. Certainly, the new contract gave him a kind of cache ? diplomatic immunity for the basketball set ? above the other assistants."[/sny-box]

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The Nets (5-14) lost to the New York Knicks (4-13) tonight by a score of 113-83.

The Least You Should Know

[sny-box] The Nets trailed by only seven at halftime, but the Knicks outscored Brooklyn, 34-16, in the dreaded third quarter to cruise to an easy win.

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The Nets (5-12) defeated the Memphis Grizzlies (8-8) tonight by a score of 97-88.

The Least You Should Know

[sny-box] The Nets led by as many as 15, but the Grizzlies clawed back to get within one early in the fourth quarter. But Brooklyn again established a double-digit lead thanks to Brook Lopez, who scored 12 of his 20 points in the final frame.

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In a recent interview with Russian sports website RSport.ru, Nets forward Andrei Kirilenko criticized the Nets' inability to execute on the court, saying among other things that the team does not get enough easy points.

Kirilenko, who has been limited to just four games this season due to back spasms, praised rookie head coach Jason Kidd, calling him a "really good dude," and said that he can't quite pinpoint exactly why the results have not come for Brooklyn.

?We don?t get enough easy points,? Kirilenko told Nadia Perepechko of R-Sport, who translated some of the quotes on an English section of the Russian site.

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The Nets' third quarter woes?over the early part of?this season have been?well documented.

After Sunday's loss to the Pistons,?Nets forward?Paul Pierce had some pointed words about the way the Nets have failed to make adjustments during their recent skid, seen by some as a public criticism of Jason Kidd and his coaching staff.

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The Nets (3-10) lost to the Detroit Pistons (5-8) this afternoon by a score of 109-97.

The Least You Should Know

[sny-box] The Nets led by seven at half-time after a 32-point second quarter. But the team succumbed to its Achilles heel by falling apart in the third quarter and was outscored 34-15 in the frame.

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Last night in the Nets' win over the Phoenix Suns, the Nets snapped their three-game losing streak and got their first road win of the year.

After the game, head coach Jason Kidd praised his players for coming together and playing great team basketball on both ends of the court, and he gave a strong vote of confidence to backup point guard Shaun Livingston, who answered the bell in a big way after a first-quarter injury to starter Deron Williams.

[sny-box]"That's why we wanted him. I'm a big fan of Shaun. Running the offense, understanding when to look for his [shots], he ran the pick-and-roll extremely well [...] [and] defensively, he was big for us. You tip your hat to him because he was a big part of it."[/sny-box]

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The Nets (3-5) defeated the Phoenix Suns (5-4) tonight by a score of 100-98 in overtime.

The Least You Should Know

[sny-box]The Nets came out extremely cold shooting the ball early but relied on a 30-4 run spanning the second and third quarters to establish a lead.

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The Brooklyn Nets are in a funk, as anyone who's watched them can tell. Seven games into the season, the growing pains of adjusting to a new roster and new coaching staff have been, well, painful.

The truth is, there are a multitude of reasons for the Nets' slow, at times listless, start. I won't spend the duration of this column explaining every last thing that's gone wrong and needs to be fixed. Instead, I want to focus today on Deron Williams, the star point guard who's looked discombobulated and out of sync thus far this year.

When Jason Kidd was hired as Nets head coach, it was supposed to be a turning point in D-Will's Nets career. A superstar point guard coaching a superstar point guard. A guy in Kidd who knows first-hand the importance of an elite point guard who can make everybody, from his teammates to his coaches, look better.

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The Nets (1-2) lost to the Orlando Magic (2-2) tonight by a score of 107-86.

The Least You Should Know

[sny-box]The first half featured 12 lead changes and five ties, as the Nets were able to keep the game somewhat close despite shooting just 16-for-44 (36 percent) at the break.

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The Nets (4-1) defeated the Miami Heat (3-2) tonight by a score of 86-62.

The Least You Should Know

[sny-box]Brooklyn relied on a 12-0 run spanning the first and second quarters to establish a big lead that they never relinquished.

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Winning by committee is a term thrown around a lot in the NBA. It has come to describe a team that lacks one alpha-scorer, but still manages to find success. Nobody knows that better than Jason Kidd. His 2002 and 2003 Nets were one of the most successful of these models. But now, the Nets will ask Kidd to replicate that kind of committee success, this time as their head coach.

The most memorable teams of an era have great head coaches; someone like Phil Jackson or Pat Riley who bring it all to the table: a masterful blend of strategy, motivational techniques, leadership qualities, and experience. But last year we saw Warriors head coach Mark Jackson and his staff -- led by assistant Mike Malone -- make that construct seem antiquated. Jackson led a class of young head coaches -- one that also included Frank Vogel, flanked by Brian Shaw in Indiana -- that succeeded with a committee approach.

That shows us the model can work in today's league, and it will have to for Kidd to find success. For all that he brings to the table as a future Hall of Fame point guard, Kidd has always been one of the more reserved, laid back personality-types in the league; someone that seemed to lead by example rather than emotion. Kidd is far from the typical NBA head coach personality, so I expect he will lean on Lawrence Frank, as well as vets Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, in a way that the NBA probably has never seen.

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An annual summer series, ESPN released its summer forecast yesterday, projecting where each team would finish in the 2013-14 season.

The top five in the East, according to ESPN, goes as follows: the Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls, Indiana Pacers, Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks.

It's the same teams that finished in top five a season ago, except teams 2-5 are scrambled up. In 2012, the Knicks finished second in the Eastern Conference, followed by the Pacers, Nets and Chicago.

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Let?s rewind a few weeks to NBA Draft night.

I was anxiously awaiting the Brooklyn Nets? pick at No. 22 and hoped they would select a big man to provide depth on the bench, which they did in Mason Plumlee.

The team had a solid core that had just won 49 games, and now just needed a few more pieces to the puzzle to improve on what was ultimately a successful first year in the borough of Kings.

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?When meeting the media after Wednesday morning?s first summer league practice, Brooklyn Nets? first-year head coach Jason Kidd had a telling statement about his new team.

He was asked about the possibility of coaching several marquee names all at once ? pending the huge blockbuster trade agree to last week by the Nets and Celtics.

Coach Kidd was asked if coaching a team laden with big named players would be daunting, to which he gave the perfect response.

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What do you get when you combine one of the greatest point guards to ever play NBA basketball with arguably one of the present-day game?s most talented point guards?

You get the Brooklyn Nets, of course.

With Jason Kidd taking over as the 18th head coach in Nets? history, it was inevitable that several questions from his introductory press conference would focus on Brooklyn?s All-Star point guard Deron Williams.

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NEW YORK ? Jason Kidd sat down in front of the New York media in Brooklyn. There, in all his glory, at the intersection of Flatbush and Atlantic Avenues, with a gray spread-collar dress shirt, a solid black tie and a beaming white smile, Kidd?with Billy King at his side?said it.

Hello, Brooklyn.

Hello, Coach Kidd.

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Jim Mancari, SNYNets.com

On Monday, Jason Kidd decided to call it quits after a 19-year career that saw him make 10 All-Star Teams and five All-NBA First Teams. He won an NBA championship as a member of the Dallas Mavericks and retires third on the list of all-time three-point shot makers?trailing just Reggie Miller (second) and Ray Allen (first).

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Jason Kidd is one of Deron Williams' best friends and we all know that as they stated it numerous times during the offseason. Kidd gave some advice to Nets fans and all the people who are looking at Avery Johnson as the person to blame for Deron's poor play and rocky month of December.

What did Jason have to say about coach Johnson and his friend Deron?

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Tonight at 7 p.m., the Nets and Knicks will play in round three of the ?Battle of the Boroughs.? This will be the first time the new rivalry takes shape in Madison Square Garden, where the Knicks are 10-1.

The Nets are coming off another tough loss, losing 92-90 to the Utah Jazz Tuesday night. The Knicks are also coming off a loss at the hands of a familiar face, Jeremy Lin, and the Houston Rockets.

Jason Kidd

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Tonight, at 7:00 P.M., the Brooklyn Nets will battle the crosstown-rival New York Knicks at Barclays Center.

The Nets, losers of four straight games, won the previous matchup 96-89 in overtime, but Brook Lopez has been ruled out. Lopez was instrumental in the first matchup, and after initially being deemed a game-time decision tonight, he's officially been ruled out.

The Knicks, meanwhile, are off to their best start since the 1995-1996 season and are 10 games over .500 for the first time since April 2001.

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Moke Hamilton, SNYNets.com

Little by little, life returns to normal in New York City and its surrounding communities. But as late as Saturday, I ran into a woman who lives in Long Beach, a small community in Long Island that was absolutely decimated by Hurricane Sandy. Her home stands and she's in high spirits, but her home is still without heat.

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Josh Newman, SNYNets.com

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J.?? After practice on Monday, while Deron Williams was meeting with the media, the topic of Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was brought up. The Dallas Mavericks were the Nets' only real threat to lure Williams away when he was a free-agent last summer. But when the day came for the Mavericks to sit down and discuss their long-term plan with Williams, Cuban was absent.

When asked whether he took offense to the fact that Cuban was absent for such an important meeting, Williams put the situation into perspective and had some very interesting thoughts to share.

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Interesting. He was all but signed in Dallas last year. What do the Mavs do now?

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