Jeane Coakley

Jeane Coakley interviews Jets GM John Idzik, discussing the team's disappointing start and whether the Jets still need a QB.

During the interview, Idzik was asked about the future of Geno Smith and the Jets, and said:

That's still to be determined. You don't want to try to answer that question too prematurely, especially when you're dealing with a younger quarterback in Geno. When you're dealing with a younger quarterback, or at any position, but specifically at quarterback, there are going to be rough times. Very rarely do you get the plug and play player in this league, much less at the most difficult position. It's a matter of seeing them through those rough times and hoping those rough times become fewer and farther between, and the type of mistakes they make, they don't repeat those mistakes. That's what we're going through now. We will continue with the development curve and we will continue searching. We'll continue to try to enhance that position in any way we can.

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Jeane Coakley and Rex Ryan discuss the morale in the Jets locker room heading into their short week against the Patriots.


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Jeane Coakley caught up with Mo Wilkerson for a 1-on-1 yesterday ? they talk about last season, the Super Bowl, Rex coming back, and the Pro Bowl snub.


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