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Last year at this time, Giants GM Jerry Reese said he had no particular player in mind as the NFL Draft approached. Reese said the team will take the best available player with the 12th overall pick.

As it turned out, Reese did have a particular player in mind, LSU WR Odell Beckham, Jr., and he just happened to fall to the Giants in the first round. Beckham was the Giants' man all along, we were told afterward.

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Jerry Reese has stated the Giants may not be as aggressive as they were last March in free agency, but also said he would explore every avenue to improve the roster. With yesterday's rumors regarding the Giants' sudden interest in ?Ndamakong Suh circulating throughout the internet, it's very possible that Reese is ready to let some more veterans go in order to do some serious bidding.

Last year, the Giants were mandated by management to upgrade the offense. They went headlong into free agency by signing veteran OL Geoff Schwartz and RB Rashad Jennings. Both players had their debut seasons with the Giants cut short and hampered by injuries. The club is still high on both players and expect them to produce as advertised this season.

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The Giants hit the jackpot last year with WR Odell Beckham Jr. at the NFL Draft. With an improving Rueben Randle and Victor Cruz (knee), who is expected to return in time for the regular season, the Giants could be considered receiver rich.

GM Jerry Reese feels that way, too, but he's not averse to taking another WR high in this year's draft.

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The Giants will place the non-exclusive franchise tag on Jason Pierre-Paul. This would force any?potential suitors to surrender two first-round draft picks for Pierre-Paul if the Giants decline to match any offers during the seven-day negotiating window (Serby, Feb. 17).

The 26-year-old struggled in the first half of the season but finished strong ending the year with 12.5 sacks. General Manager Jerry Reese will use this time to discuss a long-term deal. The Giants have $18 million in cap space and a franchise tag for Pierre-Paul would cost roughly $15 million.

?I think at the beginning of the season he wasn't playing like he played at the end of the season. The second half of the season, he came on really strong and played like we thought he should play,? Reese said after the season. ?The guy has some ability to be a game changer. We didn?t see enough of that in the first half of the season.?

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Giants GM Jerry Reese said on WFAN radio yesterday that he had Clemson WR Sammy Watkins rated higher than Odell Beckham, Jr. in last April's NFL Draft. It's apparent that he had Texas A&M wideout Mike Evans, taken seventh overall by Tampa Bay, ahead of Beckham, too.

?We did not have Odell Beckham Jr. ahead of Sammy Watkins,? Reese said in the interview, transcribed here by Giants.com.?

?We really liked him,? Reese said on Watkins. ?We had him ranked up there really high. I can tell you this, we had him ranked inside our top 10 picks. We liked the big receiver that Tampa Bay took (Mike Evans). We liked him as well. We felt like Watkins would be gone. (Zack) Martin was there, the offensive lineman. He was a guy that we liked as well. We took the best player on our board at the time and that was Beckham. We thought he could be a game-changing type player. He has been that for us. He has a chance to really develop and be a dynamic player for a long time.

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The Giants will attempt to end their seven-game losing streak in Tennessee this Sunday, in a game that has little meaning in the standings, but will have a big impact on how the Giants will be shaped in 2015.

GM Jerry Reese, who is on the hot seat depending on who you believe, will have his past two draft classes on display. RT Justin Pugh, WR Odell Beckham, Jr. DT Jonathan Hankins, LG Weston Richburg, DE Damontre Moore and LB Devon Kennard will all be in the starting lineup against the Titans this Sunday.

And, with RB Rashad Jennings dealing with a sore ankle, Andre Williams will be called upon to carry the load against Tennessee's rush defense, who rank last in the league (141.5 YPG) after 14 weeks.

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"At 3-4, we're not where we want to be," GM Jerry Reese said to open his press conference on Monday.

The GM spoke to media and expressed confidence in his team and the possibility of making the playoffs.

"It's kind of a nine-game season for us now," he said. "We can get back in the race. It's not over."

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The Giants' opening night loss in Detroit are being followed by questions regarding the overall talent and direction of the club, a club that has missed the postseason the past two years.

After last season's breakdowns and letdowns, GM Jerry Reese and his staff, along with Tom Coughlin and his staff were put on notice by management. They need a turnaround season here in 2014 and it doesn't look like they're going to get it.

LoudMouths Chris Carlin and Adam Schein discuss whether or not Giants general manager Jerry Reese can survive another bad season in New York.

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Since no one player has distinguished himself at TE thus far at the Giants' workouts, GM Jerry Reese has not named a frontrunner, only stating on WFAN on Monday that the position will be handled "by committee."

Reese said the following on WFAN on Monday:

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GEICO SportsNite has reaction from Giants general manager Jerry Reese on his plan for the upcoming NFL draft. The Giants appear to be leaning towards taking an offensive player in Round One, possibly a lineman.

Reese stated that QB Eli Manning, who underwent ankle surgery last month, would not practice until training camp. The GM also said no decision would be made on S Will Hill, who is facing a stiff suspension after failing yet another drug test.

"The Will Hill situation, there?s an appeal process and we?ll respect that process as it plays out," said Reese. "We?ll make some decisions after that after we see what the appeal process is."

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Giants' GM Jerry Reese seems to be a divisive figure among Giant fans. Some love him while others don't. I personally think he's one of the best GMs in the NFL. He's brought as many Super Bowls to East Rutherford as his old boss, George Young, and he's far from done.

The job of the GM is just not building through the draft, it involves building, maintaining and persevering as well. Finding players in the UFA and UDFA markets is just as important. This year, with the draft so deep, I can see Reese striking gold not just in the draft but on Manic Monday and beyond.

Since taking over as GM in January of 2007, Reese made some solid moves and we'd like to pay tribute to those by listing our top five:

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Giants GM Jerry Reese spoke to reporters today at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis and basically revealed the team's roster will contain "significant differences" this season.

He also indicated that unrestricted free agents DE Justin Tuck and WR Hakeem Nicks will be allowed to discover their value on the free agent market next month. (?They deserve to see what the market will be.?)

Although he is optimistic that RB David Wilson will make it back this season, Reese identified RB as a position the team was looking to augment.

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After tomorrow's game, the football talk will switch over the draft and free agency, and the Giants will be active this offseason if not out of choice but of necessity. They have a ton of expiring contracts and lots of choices to make within the walls of QDTC before even turning their focus outward.

GM Jerry Reese said the other night he will be looking to get some players under contract before free agency begins March 11th.

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Giants' GM Jerry Reese is drawing some fire over his recent draft "failures" and the team's sudden dearth of talent and depth at certain positions.

Many feel he's gotten too smart for his own good in the draft, taking some players way too early and selecting others that were not ready to play in the NFL. Then there is the criticism that Reese has mishandled the salary cap and has not sufficiently stocked the roster with enough viable free agents.

I'll agree things could have been handled better by Reese, but the the league is set up for the meek to inherit the earth. Win a Super Bowl, enjoy it, because you're about to take a nosedive. Win two and you go into free fall.

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Giants GM Jerry Reese also appeared with Mike Francesa on WFAN this afternoon.

"Disappointed. That's the number one word I can come up with," Reese said when asked by Frnacesa to sum up the season in one word.

"When you go 7-9, you know there's personnel issues but when you start 0-6 it's more than personnel issues," Reese said.

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We have quite a few Jerry Reese detractors on the site. I personally have given him so low grades of late, and frankly, he's deserved them. You've all read my take - and many of the comments sent in as well. Below is post from another blogger that presents some new wrinkles and angles on Reese and the Giants' fall from favor...

From Andy Furman of Ultimate NYG:

Longtime commenter "I Bleed Blue" remarked 2 days ago how he looked forward to the bye to finally hear the words from on high... Jerry Reese's media tour. Ricky: "Luuuucy. You got some 'splainin to do!"

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Ninety-six days to the NY/NJ Super Bowl. If you recall, GM Jerry Reese put a Super Bowl countdown clock in the Giants' locker room. Now that the Giants have opened the season 2-6, does he regret it?

"Nope, I don?t. I don?t," Reese told reporters Tuesday. "It has even more emphasis for me now. I think today is 95 days. That should put us on notice even more that the time is running out and we don?t have time to have any hiccups down the stretch. I think that I don?t."

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From BBB reader?BluEandOrange?

Jerry Reese has to got to go. We've trusted in Reese too long and this is what happens when you take that trust for granted. Unlike the Patriots who seemingly adapt to every situation year-in-and-year-out, Jerry Reese and his team have looked old and slow the past three years -- yes Super Bowl season included. He was just lucky that year that Boley, Osi and Tuck were able to "turn on the switch" down the stretch.

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Craig Santucci / SNYGiants contributor

While is the season is far from over, the reality is that it is highly unlikely the Giants make the playoffs. This has nothing to do with giving up. It only has to do with personnel on this Giants roster.

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The Loud Mouths talk about Giants GM Jerry Reese's comment that everyone is on notice, but the question is, who is on notice?


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Giants GM Jerry Reese is focusing on getting his team back up to standards this year.

"I have a couple of numbers that I?ve been bouncing around in my head. The (first) number is 190. That?s 190 days until the Super Bowl is played at MetLife Stadium over there. So, it makes me think about sense of urgency for our team, and the other number is the number 1. And that is, we?ve been to the playoffs one time in the last four years. So, that?s below our standards. We have to play more consistent. I think those are two things that I want to focus on the most....

We?ve had different things that have happened to us that have knocked us off-kilter a little, but all I know is we?ve been in the playoffs one time in the last four years and that?s really not acceptable for us. That?s not our standard, that?s not what we shoot for and we want to put everyone on notice, myself included. Everybody?s on notice. That?s not our standards" - Giants GM Jerry Reese

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In an ESPN Insider piece, Giants running back David Wilson is listed as one of five sophomore standouts poised to break out in their second season.

The article is authored by former NFL Rookie of the Year Matt Bowen, who spent seven years in the league.

From a player's point of view, Bowen concedes ball security remains an issue with Wilson, who was red flagged for fumbling problems coming out of Virginia Tech. However, Wilson has improved in that area, and his top-end speed to the edge is too valuable of a trait to keep him off of the field.

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Another high-ranking member of the Giants organization expressed optimism about the status of signing Victor Cruz.

This time it was Giants chairman Steve Tisch, who met with the media in Boston Tuesday at the NFL's spring meeting.

Tisch echoed the sentiment of team co-owner John Mara when he said he was confident a deal could be struck. Quarterback Eli Manning also expressed optimism he could see his favorite target back on the field before OTAs.

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Many have voiced their displeasure over Jerry Reese's recent drafts, but the facts speak for themselves. His Giants have had as much success - if not more - than any of the league's 32 franchises over the past six seasons. The below article was sent to us by Gary Thomas of Football Nation.com:

As though NY Giants SVP & General Manager (Head of Football Operations) Jerry Reese, needs Gary Thomas to defend him, his resume speaks volumes for itself!

Much of the published talk recently, and social media criticisms, have centered around the choices made by Reese and his staff during the recent 2013 Draft, some have even called it "Jerry Reese's worst draft" (hard to figure when not one player selected by any team has actually played even one snap at the pro level!)

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In a Football Outsiders piece on ESPN Insider, the analysts suggest linebacker remains the New York Giants' biggest red flag heading into 2013.

FBO calls the current starting trio -- Dan Connor, Keith Rivers and Jacquian Williams -- a patchwork unit, which is the M.O. for Giants general manager Jerry Reese.

"For a team with such a rich a history at the linebacker position, it's hard to remember the last time the Giants had even one really good player in their linebacking corps."
FBO criticizes the Giants' off-season plan of attack to address its less-than-mediocre linebacking corps, failing to draft a premier prospect and signing Aaron Curry via free agency.

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It is only speculation that Mathias Kiwanuka will play along the Giants defensive line, according to Giants.com, though general manager Jerry Reese did hint at the move prior to the NFL Draft last month.

"He will probably play more on the defensive line" this year," the GM said.

With the shakeup along the defensive line this off-season -- losing Osi Umenyiora to the Falcons -- Kiwanuka can serve as another pass rusher to complement Jason Pierre-Paul and Justin Tuck, who will line up at numerous positions up front.

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A tradition like none other: the Giants turning heads with their draft class.

The Giants had seven picks in this weekend's draft, adding depth to a number of key positions, including offensive and defensive line, running back and the secondary. Of course, a position that remained untouched was linebacker.

From the top:

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It's the morning after, so after a cup (or three) of coffee and maybe even a few hours of sleep, it's time for NFL analysts and reporters to react the Giants' selection of former Syracuse tackle Justin Pugh.

From USA TODAY Sports:

Maybe not a buzzy choice, but it's hard to question the track record of GM Jerry Reese. Pugh played tackle for the Orange but may start out at guard in New York. The Giants' O-line has been getting long in the tooth, and Pugh offers a long-term (if not immediate) solution. He'll have excellent mentors in OL David Diehl and OG Chris Snee, either of whom might be eventually displaced by Pugh. Starting LG Kevin Boothe, who recently got just a one-year deal, should also have his antennae up.
From ESPN:

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The Giants entertained some trades and then sweated out their turn last night, but got a player that GM Jerry Reese said would have made one of his mentors, George Young, smile.

"George, I?m sure he?d smile about it. George (said) you win with big people. You win with big people and you?ve got to have them. We are going to have another young guy in our offensive line fold that we really like."

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Giants GM Jerry Reese met the media this week where discussed draft strategy among other personnel moves the team may be contemplating this offseason.

What is your general feeling about the draft in terms of depth and particular positions that jump out as being stronger than others?"I think it is a good draft. I think there are a lot of good players in the draft at every position. I don?t see one position that is stronger than the other."

You signed a lot of free agents to one-year contracts. Will that affect how you draft this year?"No, not really. We just go into the draft looking for the best player up there. I feel like a broken record up here ? you guys come in here and I say the same thing every year. We go into the draft ? we really do ? we go in there looking for the best player. And that is what is important to us, is to try to pick the best player. Then after the draft is over, after we look at all of the free agent stuff, we try to fill in after the draft. There is a lot of time before we go into the season. So many people are cut from teams. We cut down the 53-man rosters. Our team may not be ready to go until the week before we open up and play. So it doesn?t affect us."At the combine you said that you were looking forward to talking to Manti Te?o. After last week do you have a general assessment of where he might fit into your team?"It was a good conversation with him. He is a very nice young man. And that is all I can really tell you about the conversation that we had with him. He did a good job while he was here."

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?The Victor Cruz thing will play out. And wherever it goes, it will go there. You guys are really interested in the whole Victor (thing) ? I get that, but there is not a lot for me talk about right now about Victor Cruz. I?m sorry, I wish I could talk to you more about it but it is really inappropriate to be talking about it.?
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Giants GM Jerry Reese held his pre-draft presser this afternoon. The hot topics: Victor Cruz' contract situation and the upcoming NFL Draft.

Quick hits....

Reese on the current contract negotiations with Cruz: ?"We've talked, but I have nothing to report."

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In a column written for ESPN Insider yesterday, former Indianapolis Colts General Manager-turned-NFL analyst Bill Polian ranked the league's best talent evaluators.

Among his top six was Giants GM Jerry Reese, who was praised for his ability to find the right players to thrive under the tutelage of head coach Tom Coughlin.

Writes Polian:

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(Murphy is) an interesting guy. He gives us a different dimension in our offense. If we have the same guys, if we have (Hakeem) Nicks back healthy and we have Cruz back, this guy gives you a deep threat that we haven?t had. We haven?t had a guy who can run like this guy.
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Giants GM Jerry Reese spoke with Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk today at the league meetings in Arizona. Reese was asked about the Victor Cruz situation, but would not comment on it, stating it was "inappropriate" to do so and that the Giants were "just hoping for the best."

Breaking sports news video. MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL highlights and more.

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From Matthew Cohen SNYGiants contributor

Jerry Reese has had to wield the axe (Boley, Bradshaw and Canty) and will have to cut some more (Webster and Diehl) but he will have some maneuvering room.

Let's make some assumptions about some signings of former Giants:

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In Peter King's weekly "Monday Morning Quarterback" column, he delves into the NFL Scouting Combine to give the latest on the top prospects and the latest wheeling and dealing among front-office personnel in Indianapolis.

Among his top-five takeaways from the combine, he mentions Manti Te'o making a good impression on NFL GMs. He said this on the former Notre Dame linebacker:

No way the second- or third-rated inside linebacker gets to the bottom of the round now, in the wake of the fake girlfriend story. I can't see him lasting past Cincinnati at 21. "Unbelievable kid,'' is how one interviewer for a team described him Sunday night. "Everybody in our room fell in love with him." More about him in a few moments.
Both Te'o and former Georgia Bulldog have been connected to the Giants, a team in need of bolstering its linebacking corps.

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Transcript of Giants GM Jerry Reese's presser yesterday in Indianapolis.

Q: On the offseason changes with respect to the salary cap:

A: Well you always need more cap room. Right now, we?re in pretty good position, probably (would) like to be in a better position, but we?re okay.

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GM Jerry Reese confirmed his promise today to reporters to "investigate everything" in terms of personnel this offseason. That apparently includes considering embattled Notre Dame LB Manti Te'o, who if you haven't heard, has had a bizarre year.....



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When healthy, Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz form a dynamic duo on the outside as targets for Eli Manning.

Yet that duo is in some jeopardy, with Nicks recovering from injury and Cruz?s contract status up in the air.

But all signs point to the Giants working out a deal with Cruz and Nicks being fully ready to go for the 2013 season.

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Justin Tuck was surprised by some of the recent roster cuts the Giants have made, but not surprised behind the logic that drove the team to make them. ?That logic, as we all know, has yielded two Super Bowl wins since 2007.

From Tom Rock of Newsday:

"Those guys have done a great job over the years of building a team that can be successful and I don't see why we can't trust in the fact that they know what they're doing up there,'' Tuck said Tuesday night at The Founders Dinner at Cirpiani on?Wall Street.

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Michael Boley was a productive outside linebacker for the Giants the past four seasons, especially down the stretch in 2011 ? the Giants? most recent Super Bowl winning season.

But football is a business, and with the imminent salary cap issues the Giants will face, Boley, who was due to earn $4.25 million in 2013, was released.

The move was not a total shock, but it now opens the door for the 25-year-old Jacquian Williams to slide into a starting role.

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This version of the 9-7 Giants didn't translate into a Super Bowl-bound time.

As the media gathers in New Orleans, New York Giants players are watching from their couches as a new king of the football world is crowned on Sunday.

Owner John Mara and GM Jerry Reese expressed their dismay with the team missing out on the playoffs this season. Obviously, change is on the horizon.

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Early on in NFL Draft labs, prognosticators have pegged the New York Giants to look to fill numerous voids come April. One of the team's most glaring needs is at middle linebacker, where Notre Dame's Manti Te'o has emerged as one of the best entering the professional ranks.

However, storm of uncertainty has fallen upon Te'o, with his girlfriend hoax making national headlines for a week now.

In an interview with the Star-Ledger, Giants General Manager Jerry Reese addressed the prospect of drafting Te'o, reminding everyone that despite his talent and the controversy surrounding him, it's still early in the draft process ... for everyone.

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For the second straight year, the Giants may find themselves in a position in which the salary cap will be a major hindrance in trying to improve the roster.

Of course, the team had many of the pieces this year it needed for success but just lacked the consistency needed for a sustained run.

There are some intriguing free agents out there that could seriously help the Giants retool heading into 2013. But whether or not they will fit into the Giants? price range remains to be seen.

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People have been asking for my opinion on the Giants' season an I have been hedging, waiting for the emotions to subside so I can be as objective and fair. ?Well. here is Part One. Some of you will like it. Some of you won't. The truth hurts sometimes. Sorry.

Let's start with the head coach and the GM....

Head coach Tom Coughlin - He has more energy and drive than 95% of the coaches and players in this league. Age is not an issue for Tom, and I don't think it ever will be. He is an excellent teacher, motivator and strategist.

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In an interview with WFAN Thursday, Giants general manager Jerry Reese was asked when he believes David Wilson can handle the workload of a featured running back in this league.

Without hesitation, Reese replied:

"I don?t think there?s any question that he can be that. It?s a two- and three-back league nowadays, but do I think he can be a lead dog? I do think that," he said.

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Giants' GM Jerry Reese was on the air with Mike Francesa on WFAN this afternoon. Reese spoke about a myriad of subjects, including the the lost weekends of mid-December and the fact that hard decisions are on their way.

Resse said....." I don't think we're that far away...we don't have to blow this thing up"

RB David Wilson could be the "lead dog" in the Giants' backfield

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"The bar is set very high here and we didn?t get the job done. I wish I had something clever to say to you guys, but that?s soup to nuts. We didn?t get the job done. I?ll open the floor for questions."

Q:??Do you understand why you weren?t able to get the job done this season? A:??Well, it?s a combination of a lot of things probably. Right now, we?ll go in and evaluate everything that happened and look closely at the games we lost and why we lost them. We?ll try to correct those things in the offseason.

Q:??Does it frustrate you that you have so much talent on this team, yet there were some games where it seemed like nothing could go right?A:??It?s very frustrating when you go out there and you see us play very well at some point during the season and then at other times, we don?t play very well. It?s a head scratcher a little bit for me and for the head coach and for everybody in the organization. Why can?t we be more consistent and play at a high level every week? But it?s the National Football League. Nobody plays at a high level every weekend. You see some of the teams?it?s a week to week league. Some weeks it?s Houston that?s on top, then Green Bay?s on top, then New England?s on top. It?s a tough league. It?s a hard league, but if you want to be good, you have to play consistent every weekend.

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