Jet Life Dreams

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. ? When the Jets take the field at a hostile Gillette Stadium this Sunday to face the Patriots, they will have a little bit of home blaring in their locker room, with rookie safety Josh Bush?s ?Jet Life Dreams? being the track of choice.

Bush wrote the rap during training camp, specifically for the talent show that all rookies have to participate in, a rite of passage if you will around NFL circles. Both composer and lyricist of the tune, Bush said he wrote the song about his own life and how he?s fought to get where he?s at right now but in it, he used football as a metaphor. The song is played during pregame warm-ups at MetLife Stadium but rookie linebacker Demario Davis told The Jets Blog that the team often plays it on the road in the locker room to get themselves ready for the game.

?I?ve been playing music for a while; I don?t even really know how or when I first fell in love with music,? Bush told The Jets Blog. ?I guess in high school, it started when someone bet me that I couldn?t learn how to play the guitar and I did. Then one day, I started to teach myself the piano. From there it has only grown.?

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