Jets Fans jets

A group of Jets fans have purchased 12 billboards across New Jersey that make light of the recently suspended Tom Brady (Walder, May 13).

The billboards make reference to Brady as "#TomShady" with the famous "J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets!" chant below.

?Jets fans are very opinionated,? said Carly Zipp, the communications director for Outfront Media who own the electronic billboards. ?Because billboards are something that is seen by everyone, they knew the power of message and they wanted to it get it out.?

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"They?re like sharks. ?If they don?t like you, they let you know right off the bat. And even if you?re doing good, they might just not like you for the heck of it. It?s brutal over there. ?Those fans, they know what they want, and they pretty much demand it. So if you don?t give it to them, they?ll let you know.?

-- Wayne Hunter on Jets fans, via CBSNewYork
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