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Mike Kurlyo writes for Fifth Down that sometimes the best thing for a player who has struggled in one environment is to try their luck in another city.  Of course in the case of the Jets, getting rid of Mark Sanchez is easier said than done with the contract they just gave him earlier this year.

... it seems unlikely that their original teams would have had the freedom from the fans and the news media to give them the opportunity to play after years of poor performances. Perhaps going to a new city merely gave Collins and Dilfer a clean slate. So, for Sanchez, it is possible that he goes on to a fruitful career. But given the history of highly drafted quarterbacks, it seems that Sanchez’s best opportunity may be to leave the team that picked him.

While I was wary of the Sanchez pick when the team made it, no one wanted the Sanchez thing to work more than me.  But I'm done.  Now I'm just counting the days.  Maybe somehow he makes a miraculous recovery, but from what I've seen this year his relentless inability to look for the deep man and make bad check-down passes, his slow velocity, his poor arm strength, his terrible decisiveness has made me ready to look elsewhere.

His coaches and us fans are left to wish for a miracle for him ... that's about all that's left ...

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