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With the Jets in an all-out plunge for the final five games of the season, Brian Costello writes in the Post that Jets fans who are ticketholders for the remaining slate of games should revolt and not sell off but send back their tickets to Woody Johnson.  A very cavalier suggestion of what other people should do with their money, but it does have some merit.

Jets fans deserve a refund this year after watching their 4-7 season stumble, bumble and butt-fumble their way out of playoff contention. If the Jets were a steak, you would send it back. If they were a purchase at a store, you would be searching for the receipt. Instead of looking like competition for the Patriots on Thursday, the Jets played the Washington Generals to the Pats’ Globetrotters.
The problem of course is that football teams demand absolute loyalty.  Everything is a one-way street for NFL ownership with their players and their fans.  At the end of the day, what does Woody Johnson care?  His tickets are sold and that's that.  If Woody wanted publicity, well he got it in spades this year.  And this year is the proof that all publicity is NOT good publicity.

That's why I think Mike Polk Jr. has come up with a creative and appropriate solution to being a Browns fan and a season ticket holder ... as Jets fans we might want to take note of and try it out next year if you plan on keeping your tickets.

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